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Starborn Academy: First Year: Never Say Die

Trudging along behind her parents, Elizabeth Grissom stepped off the Merino interstellar cruiser to join the new cadets for first muster. Starborne Academy’s welcome center smelled of ozone and afterburn. Looking around Liz noticed several family units from various military branches saying

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Starborn Academy: First Year: Pull The Wool Over Their Eyes

“Trident group 3-G: Grissom, Elizabeth. Shepard, Margaret. Schirra, Gemini. Trident group 3-H…” Acting Ensign Parson’s voice droned on and on. “…Trident group 3-Z: Hatten, Mark. Mossel, Ahab. Johnson, Bob. All Trident groups report to your bunks on the double. Go.

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