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Lost Dogs – Chapter 6

He was definitely underdressed. Blake switched his briefcase from right to his left and jammed his cold fingers into the warm coins and paper clips in his khaki’s pockets, remembering how that very morning, he’d stared into the closet, right

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Lost Dogs: Chapter 7

Where was his Man? He had assumed they were going for a walk. He had smelled the predisposition of sex on the Man but clearly the Female who smelled like coffee and strong soap was not ready. There had been

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Lost Dogs 8: Disappointment

The floor smelled like vomit Jolly Ranchers because the school janitor had waxed it.  It was SO incredibly gross. Becca had been trying to figure out where she could hang out when she’d spotted a new poster on the counselling office bulletin

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Lost Dogs Chap 8 pt 2: Kindred spirits

Ari was hyper or A.D.D or something but his mother didn’t believe in pills so he squirmed around while he was supposed to be sitting still for Miss Nash’s grade 10 art class. Every time he moved, someone sighed or

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Lost Dogs, Chap 9: Portrait of an Artist

Blake poured himself a glass of scotch, berating himself for not taking his writing more seriously. He’d written a story but there was not a single copy of it in existence. Rather than search for Gary, he’d spent his evening

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Chapter 10: View from the Bottom

It was dull and grey and close and Karl could feel the sweat cling to his skin like a blanket. The bike ride up the hill was difficult at the best of times. Today, it was damn near impossible. First

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Chapter 10 Pt 2: Big Brother

First there was the flat quiet tone, then, the electronic chick’s voice announcing the call transfer. Three seconds later, the next caller was patched through. Danae adjusted her headset and looked towards Karl’s like they were about to share a

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