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The Death of a Farm Boy

Name of Web-Serial: The Death of a Farmboy Posting Schedule:  Fridays Post Minimum: 1000 words Genres: Action, Fantasy, Historical, War Graphic Elements: High Violence, Moderate Sex and Language Brief Summary or Premise: An innocent boy is thrust into war, where he realizes a supernatural talent

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Blackfeather – Chapter Six

Kate made herself a breakfast of sorts from the contents of a nearly empty packet of cereal found in the back of a cupboard. The box, once again, graced the kitchen table. Its reflection in the black granite made it

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Blackfeather Chapter Eleven

She lay, fully clothed on the bed. It was Winter daylight, reflecting off the fresh snow that covered the lawn again, that made the room so bright. It hurt her eyes and her head throbbed. The smell of fried bacon

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