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Lost Dogs: Chapter 6 Part 2

She answered on the fourth ring, slightly out of breath “Hello?” “Kate. It’s Blake.”  She didn’t immediately return his greeting, which was odd. Then, Blake remembered: “Oh, gosh. It’s your yoga night, isn’t it?” “Mm hmm,” Kate replied crisply. “I

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Lost Dogs, Chap 9: Portrait of an Artist

Blake poured himself a glass of scotch, berating himself for not taking his writing more seriously. He’d written a story but there was not a single copy of it in existence. Rather than search for Gary, he’d spent his evening

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Prologue: Floating – Part 3

Nathan found himself floating in the formless grey fog again. It was darker this time. Heavier. Almost a true black. Each time he found himself here in this prison, the darkness of the void appeared to have seeped in more

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Prologue: Floating – part 4

Six months after his deal with Prometheus, Thomas stared at his reflection in the mirror above the bathroom sink. Bleary, blood-shot eyes ringed with dark purple circles gazed back at him. Sleep was impossible. Only the black oblivion of a drunken

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Chapter 2: Beginnings: The Chase: Maggie Mahoney and Tommy “Ice” Carruthers

I’m going to die. Please don’t let me die. Those two sentences echoed through her head as she ran blindly through the woods. Her terror drove her on. The pain from the branches and twigs that scored her naked body

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