Starborne Academy

Starborne Academy CoverName of Web-Serial: Starborne Academy
Posting Schedule:  Sunday
Post Minimum: 250-500 Words
GenresSuperhero, Space Marine, Sci-fi, YA
Graphic Elements: PG


Starborne Academy — The elite officer training school for the United Starborne Corps.

Our story follows three female cadets–Elizabeth (Liz) Grissom, Gemini
(Gem) Schirra, and Margaret (Peep) Shepard are assigned quarters as
roommates on Level-3, Bunk-G.
Each of the girls, sired by genetically altered military families, display
unique superpowers that will aide them in their quest to become ensigns in
the Corps at graduation.
Liz’s is a tracker. With her acute sensory abilities can observe an area
and sense anomalies undetectable by natural human perception.
Gem is a technopath. She can intuit any type of machinery or technology
human made or otherwise.
Peep is omni-lingual and that is just the tip of the iceberg of her quick
mental abilities.
Starborne Academy is like Harry Potter meets Enders Game.

Starborn Academy: First Year: Never Say Die
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