Starborne Academy: First Year: Float Like a Butterfly

Starborne AcademyWeightlessness plagued most first time spacewalkers with queasiness that could be near overwhelming. The last thing the girls wanted was to puke their first time out.

“Okay, my brother said to contract your abs tight”, Liz coached. “It will stave off the churning in your gut.”

Gem stepped up to the airlock.“Thanks.” With one quick forward burst she floated out the airlock and quickly maged her boots to the deck plating.

“Gem, how did it feel?” Peep asked.

“Surprisingly not half bad, and Liz your brother was right. Contracting the abs is the only way to fly. Come on Peep get your booty out here!”

Peep executed a perfect exit from the hatch with Liz hot on her trail.

“This is the best feeling ever!” Liz said as she maged her boots

“Very good, Ladies.” Lieutenant Commander Greyson Parker’s voice crackled over the com. “Now I want you to turn your attention to Lieutenant Carter. She will be demonstrating the basics of vector and velocity. Without a working grasp of these elements successful spacewalking is a fruitless exercise in ways to die in space.”

Lieutenant Kimberly Carter was one of the people that Liz’s father introduced her to when the family had visited Starborne Academy for Jonas’ graduation. Carter was, perhaps, one of the best spacewalkers in the whole fleet. To have her and LC Parker together, for instructors was like being taught theater by Shakespeare himself.

Carter executed a perfect forward moving 180 degree turn sending her across the dome to the opposite side, but facing the girls.

“Who wants to go first?” Carter asked.

“I do,” Liz spoke up at the same time that Peep did.

Carter chuckled at their eagerness.

“Well you both can’t do it, so it looks like its going to be you Gem.” LC Parkers chimed in. “Now here is how it works. You are going to do a two second burst then mag your left boot, but as soon as you feel it magnetize, release it. this brings on a natural torque. As the torque takes over your vector, you will reverse your thrust and then power up the the opposite direction you want to travel.”

“I’m not sure I caught all of that, Sir.” Gem said.

“Its easy peasy. Burst toward me. Mag one boot. Make the turn. Power up opposite that you want to travel.” Lieutenant Carter made it sound so easy.

“All right, here goes nothing.” Gem burst toward the middle of the dome. Then made a 360, then corrected to 180 and shot toward Lieutenant Carter’s position. When she maged her boots the girls hooted their praise over the com.

“Let’s see if the rest of you can beat Schirra’s vector save. That was impressive, not losing your head when you overshot the turn, Cadet Gem.” LC Parker said.

Peep went next, and after a bit of back-n-forth with her mag boot she managed the maneuver with style.

Liz had never felt anything like weightlessness. It was wonderful, she shot toward the goal, making a near flawless 180 and maged her boots within three feet of Lieutenant Carter.

“Wow, Girl you are a natural!” Gem said.

Peep patted Liz on the back. “No, doubt that was fantastic.”

“It did feel good.” Liz said.

“Well done, Ladies. You have the next hour to familiarize yourself with the suits. Carter here will help you if you get hung up.” LC Parker said.

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