Starborne Academy: First Year: First Strike

Blue_Flames_by_Doctorwhite1995Sliding into her seat seconds before the start of quantum mech, Liz breathed a sigh of relief.  She had been late to the class last week and one more time and she’d be assigned to scrub afterburn off the commandant’s shuttle.

“Nice of you to join us, Cadet Grissom.” Professor Calum’s voice grated like screws on deck plating. “Last week we discussed Planck’s constant. This week we are going to review the Planck-Einstein relation.” Once the man got started at the holoboard he might not look back at the class the whole hour.

Peep leaned over and whispered to Liz, “What kept you?”

“I’m just so tired. I fell back asleep when you and Gem left this morning. I didn’t even make it to the mess hall.” Liz’s stomach rumbled.

Peep snickered.

“What was that Cadet Shepard?” The professor looked over his shoulder.

“Sorry, Sir. I was just agreeing with your assessment, Sir.”

“Oh really, Cadet? And just what precisely do you agree with?”

Liz was impressed with Peep’s comeback to the professor. She used words like, electronvolt and petahertz then finished up with kilojoules. By the time she was done, the only person in the room who had any idea what she was talking about was the professor. Or perhaps even he was faking it.

“Quite right, Cadet.” Calum turned back to the holoboard and droned on for the rest of the hour without stopping.

When the comm sounded the end of the hour everyone jumped up and ran for the door. “Peep, I don’t know how you do it. You could have been speaking Martian for all I knew.”

“Oh, math is just another language to me, but if you prefer Martian, I know all three dialects.”

“I bet you do. So, smarty pants, where is Gem?” Liz asked

Peep pulled Liz over to a corner. “After we left the mess this morning she got called to the Commandant’s office. I thought she would show up in class.”

“That doesn’t sound good. Well, if she doesn’t show up in biochemistry we will go to the Executive Officer and see if he will tell us where she is, since we can’t do anything in the next class without her.”

“True. It’s not like two people can pilot and navigate a Triad Saber.”

Making their way to the biolab the girls passed through the center of the station that was designated as a common area. The hexagonal shaped area marked the cordons of each classes dorms. They ran past the bank of curved holovids showing rotating info grids of the Consolidated Systems News.

**Now in breaking news! Alera Seven was hit in a surprise attack by Valin Union Rebels. The rebels were quelled, but not before the Capital of Riken was leveled…**

Liz skidded to a stop. “Peep did you hear that?!”

Peep looked ashen, “Holy Kelvin! Isn’t that where Gem’s family comes from?”

Liz grabbed Peeps hand and took off at a dead run to the Commandant’s office.

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