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Weapons training had to be Liz’s favorite skill set she was learning so far. With her extraordinary depth perception and visual acuity she was a natural with both the plasma rifle and sidearm. After a week of firing range classes the instructor, LC Melinda Hernandez, divided the classes up into Triad teams. Liz’s Triad was coordinating with 3-B and 3-Z.

Running through the weapons course Triad 3-G moved like the wind, slipping from cover to cover. After clearing the area the other two teams moved in behind to commandeer the forward base.

“Nice work, Liz. You and your team did an outstanding job.” LC Hernandez voice came over the comm. “Now, Cadet Hatten you and your team get the first watch. Triads G and B recover.”

An announcement sounded from the command communication channel as the teams were bedding down. “Attention Triad groups G, M, and Z report to the Commandant’s office on the double.”

The teams made it to the Commandant Akira Yoshimoto’s office in record time. Falling into attention they waited for instructions.

“At ease Cadets. A Starliner, the Queen Elizabeth IV has had a major malfunction in their cold fusion reactor. The have a full compliment of guests considering that they are hosting the millennial Comic Con onboard.”

Peep blurted, “Really?!”

“Yes. Is that going to be an issue Cadet Shepard?”

“No. Ma’am.” Peep blushed a deep pink.

“The shuttle Pioneer is in the launch bay, and LC Parker will be your commanding officer. He has all the details for your mission, but suffice it to say we need to keep the visitors contained on the ship. That will be the job of B and Z Triads. 3-G will be helping out in maintenance. Head out.”

“Aye, Ma’am.”

The short shuttle trip over to the QE4 was uneventful. Gem was impressed with the mech involved in keeping a Starliner going. In the main engine room there were three large domed cold fusion reactors. 3-G was assigned to get one of the two that shut down back online. The inside of the unit looked like a geodesic dome. Each of the triangular elements came to a sharp point with the spikes all directed to a glowing orb at the center.

“This is great!” Gem clapped her hands.

“You and your machines.” Liz teased Gem.

A man in a QE4 uniform peeked inside. “Cadets I need to borrow one of you for a job up in the control room. We have several diagnostics that need to run on a job this big.”

“I’ll go,” Peep said. “I’m so much better with computers than machinery.”


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After a few hours of work on the fusion unit Liz and Gem were nearly done when a woman dressed in a purple jump suit stepped into the chamber. She must have wandered away from the party.  “Ma’am, are you lost?” Liz asked.

“No. Actually I’m looking for a cadet. Goes by the name Gem.”

Gem popped up out of the maintenance hatch. “I’m Gem, do I know you?”

“No. You don’t know me. My name is Willow Wisp. I’m in big trouble and I heard that you and your team could help me. I have this tech schematic that explains what I need to do. Will you look at it?”

Gem hauled herself out of the hatch. “Is this some kind of Comic Con weirdness?”

Willow adjusted her purple mask, “No, I swear to you I’m on the level.”

“The level?” Gem looked skeptical, but motioned for Willow to hand her the papers.

After a few moments Gem was completely absorbed in the document. She would read a page, flip back to another then, back. She did this over and over. “You’re serious?”

Willow gave her a sharp nod.

“Okay then. Liz we need Peep.” Gem said.

Liz used the built in comm on the sleeve of her uniform to contact Peep.

“Shepard here what you need, Liz?”

“Are you done with the repairs on your end?” Liz asked.

“Yeah the diagnostic has to run.”

“Well we need you down in the fusion generator. Something big has come up and we need all hands on deck.”

“On my way.” Peep cut the connection.

“Lady,” Liz spoke to Willow. “I don’t know what is going on, but there is something off about you. It’s like you’re literally hazy around the edges.”

“I heard you have acute sensory abilities.” Willow held out her wrist and showed Liz a orange bangle. “What you are seeing is called an omnilocator and it’s the proof to the math Gem is looking over. I’m not from this timeline. I have the ability to move through other realities. Before Doc Omniverse started connecting the realities I could go from place to place without this device, but now I need it or the jumps could kill me.”

Peep bounded into the room. “I’m here. Where’s the party!”

Willow turned to the girl. “You must be Peep.”

“Did you escape from the loony bin upstairs, or what?” Peep laughed, “That, my dear, is a lot of purple.”

“Peep, this here is Willow, and mercy we have a big problem to solve.”

“Here’s the deal. There is this bad guy, Doc Omniverse, who is not only trying to connect all the known and unknown realities together; he is actually succeeding in pulling it off. And some guys named Nick and Dave have come up with a plan to stop Doc, but they need our help and bit of 28th century tech to get the job done.”

Peep threw her hands up and waved Gem off. “Oh…whoa, whoa, whoa! Haven’t you ever read Star Trek, you aren’t supposed to mess with timelines and give tech to other cultures!”

Liz held up one hand. “Peep you read way too much sci-fi. If we let this guy run amuck and he manages to connect enough of these realities, then our reality is screwed.”

“Why didn’t you say that in the first place?” Peep said.

Gem cut in, “Ok, Willow. We are all onboard with your plan. Now the three of us can help you with your tech but you have some decisions that will determine how we adjust your omnilocator and how big a singularity you will need to contain Doc Omniverse.”

She reached down into her tool bag and pulled out a square metal box. “This is a pin point singularity generator. We can use this to create a black hole that only affects electrons, or we can amp it up to remove dangerous nebulas. This one has three basic settings.”

Willow smirked, “Small, Medium, and Large? Like French fries?”

“Essentially. Now that you have what you need it’s time to decide where you want to go. Do you want to go to the fourth portal location and try to head Doc off in the Super Powereds universe, the fifth portal at Cape High, or the sixth portal where the Emergence is happening?”

Willow chewed her lip, then spoke. “It would probably be best to start at a lower number in case Doc eludes me.  Set it for the fourth portal location and I’ll try to head him off in the Super Powereds universe.”

Gem set the power level on the generator. “Willow let me take a look at that omnilocator. Liz said you looked fuzzy around the edges. Most likely that is what is causing the physical damage during the jumps. If I tweak the vortex oscillator then the jumps should be smooth.”

Willow gave Gem the device.

After fiddling with it she gave it back. “Okay Willow, fire it up.”

Willow switched on the locator for her jump back home.

“Gem, she looks clear as bell.” Liz said.

“Thanks ladies, I hope that one day I have the opportunity to visit again.”

Gem placed her hand on Willow’s arm. “We hope to see you again too.”



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My chapter mashes up Willow Wisp’s world with my Starborne Academy.
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11 comments on “Starborne Academy: First Year: Sting Like A Bee
  1. Thaumaturgical_Support says:

    Good installment, as always. 🙂

    A little feedback:
    The dialog that starts, “Okay then. Liz we need Peep.” Would
    be easier to track with one or two more dialog tags.

    I was somewhat confused by the exchange:
    >“At ease Cadets. A Starliner, the Queen Elizabeth IV has had a
    >major malfunction in their cold fusion reactor. The have a
    >full compliment of guests considering that they are hosting
    >the millennial Comic Con onboard.”
    >Peep blurted, “Really?!”
    >“Yes. Is that going to be an issue Cadet Shepard?”

    Which of the three pieces of information is Peep responding to? That the Starliner’s reactor is broken, that it’s full, or that it’s hosting a comic con? Comic con, I would assume, from the general tone of the piece but “a Starliner is drifting” seems like the more important information, and what the commander would assume she’s talking about. If she is talking about the con does Peep like comics or object to them? From her reaction I initially assumed she liked comics, but later she seemed to be annoyed by the festivities.

    Finally, “Cold Fusion” typically refers to a low-energy output process better suited to providing a trickle of power to a sensor in Antarctica then a space ship. Muon-catalyzed fusion was once referred to as Cold Fusion, if perfected it would be better for powering a ship, and whatever it is it *sounds* cool. 😉

    Anyway, those are just some thoughts. Take ’em for what they’re worth.

  2. coolvstar650 says:

    Thanks for the comments Thaumaturgical, it nice to know someone is reading and paying attention. I appreciate your support. 🙂

  3. coolvstar650 says:

    Hey T, I added a few dialogue tags to the conversation you pointed out. See if you like the flow a bit better. L

    • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

      Yeah, that makes it a little easier to follow who’s speaking.

      Speaking of knowing that someone is reading, are you as addicted to the site stats as I am? It’s a good thing views of the stats page aren’t tracked on the page; I’d account for about a hundred clicks to that per day by myself. 😉

  4. Lisa C says:

    I thought it was great… except for a couple teeny tiny grammatical things… (our’s vs. ours… a vs. an… rofl)

  5. coolvstar650 says:

    Thanks Lisa C. I did a bit of cleaning up, hopefully that’s better. 🙂

  6. Sebastian says:

    Really, really like this one. Space-opera (you don’t mind if I call it that?) is one of the classics, and think it’s great that you’ve chosen to write from a female perspective.

    FYI; did not know that we can look up views on our posts. *Incessantly checks his posts to see how they’re doing*

    • coolvstar650 says:

      Space Opera sound fine with me, Sebastian. Don’t get too hung up on page views, it can drive you crazy. The main numbers I look at are total people who follow me, and that includes all platforms on social media.

  7. Tucson Jerry says:

    I actually read the entire Super Choice Adventure when it first came out. Even then, I enjoyed your piece from the Starborne Academy. I’m very happy to be reading it properly, now.

    • coolvstar650 says:

      So glad that you are enjoying the series TJ, and love that you read the Super Choice Adventure. Be sure to pick up a free copy of the Pen and Cape anthology THE GOOD FIGHT from Amazon. AND stay tuned as the Society is working on putting together a new anthology in the new year!

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