Starborn Academy: First Year: Baseball Caps & Cravats


Starborne Academy

Peep set the morning alarm for 35 standard Terran minutes before the 0500 hours roll call, but it wasn’t enough. Roll call came at 0300 hours on the second day.

Flopping on her bed Gem toed off her athletic shoes. “I can’t even believe how tired I am. I don’t think I could run another lap.”

“I can’t believe how short they cut our hair!” Peep ran a hand over the seven millimeters of red fuzz on her skull.

Liz walked in and went straight to her all-in-one and opened up her carbon nanotube bag. Out of it she pulled a worn Old Earth style baseball cap and rammed it over her shorn blonde head. “There,” she said, “ that’s better.”

“Oh! Oh! I wish I would have thought to pack a hat. How did you know?” Peep whined.

“My brother, Jonas, told me that I would thank him for the suggestion. I guess I owe him a new hologame.”

“So this brother of yours, did he tell you anything else we could expect? I mean, who expects to get hosed down with detox and buzzcut on the second day of classes?” Gem said.

Liz switched her all-in-one to lounge mode and got comfortable. “I wasn’t expecting the detox bath either, and  he didn’t tell me what to expect. Just that the unknown and unexpected is part of the cadet experience.”

“Sounds like the party line,” Peep said.

The door chime elicited a squeak from the half dressed Peep. “Who the heck is that?” Slipping her sweaty shirt back on she walked to the door and pressed the com button. “Yes?”

“Open the door First Year.” A female voice boomed through the com.

“Fine.” Peep pressed the green portal button to the left of the doorway.

The portal swooshed opened revealing a male and female cadet in senior rank, full dress uniforms. “Best get shipshape, girls, the Commandant is expecting all cadets in the mess, dressed to impress in one hour. Sharp.” The male who spoke did a near perfect right face and moved to 3-H.

Peep ran to the sonic stall. “I get the shower first!”

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4 comments on “Starborn Academy: First Year: Baseball Caps & Cravats
  1. Thaumaturgical_Support says:

    I don’t know how hard you want your science to be, but here’s some details on the real-life inspiration for the Sonic Showers of Star Trek: . Those sounds almost cooler then what Trek used; though it would be hard to make it work in gravity.

    • coolvstar650 says:

      I hadn’t really thought to flesh out the idea of the sonic stall, but in my mind this is how it works. In an effort to conserve resources there would be a set amount of water (or a liquid like solvent) moved around by sound waves in the stall. When the bather is through the solvent would be decontaminated and reused.

      • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

        Worrying how the showers work is definitely for the hard scifi folks. As I said, I don’t know where you’re going yet, the link was just a thought if Ben Bova and Arthur C Clark are your guiding lights.

  2. Ereshkigal says:

    Why would any advanced society need to conserve water?

    1) People are going to require 4 pounds of water per day anyway. Instead of having a supply of 1500 pounds of drinking water for a cadet’s year, you might as well have 150 pounds of water and an efficient recycler. Not only you hugely save on transport mass but the cadet gets to both drink and wash and bathe with no problems on water limits.

    2) Water is basically fuel for anyone with fusion tech. Any station is going to have large quantities of fuel for spacecraft so why not integrate the fuel and water storage and waste? Compared to the requirements of a starship, human water requirements would be tiny.

    3) Once you get into the more advanced fusion and fission reactors, specific requirements for materials are irrelevant. Any type of matter could be produced via fusion or fission of existing materials, even the materials the ground you walk on is made of. And hydrogen being 75% of all baryonic mass in the normal universe, you’d be hard pressed to find any place that doesn’t have it in sufficient quantities.

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