What does it cost to join Starter Serials?
Not a thing. Starter Serials is dedicated to providing free hosting for those who are want to create a great web-serial. There is no sign-up cost, no hosting fees, nothing. If the cost of hosting grows too large for the staff to accommodate, then ads will be implemented, but at no point will authors ever be charged for use of Starter Serials.


What is the minimum for a Posting Schedules or Word Count?
There is no minimum imposed by Starter Serials. Part of running a web-serial is learning what sort of Post Schedule works best for you. Frequent updates will keep readers engaged, but may overtax a writer and prove to be unsustainable over the long-term. Updates that are very spaced out, on the other hand, are more manageable but risk losing the interest of the readers between installments. This is a delicate balance, and one every web-serial writer has to find their own answer to.


Do you claim any rights over the works published here?
Only the right to display them on the site as the authors have published them. All creations belong entirely to their respective authors, Starter Serials makes no claim over any of them.


Do writers get a piece of the ad money from this site?
Currently, Starter Serials does not host ads, so there is no revenue to distribute. Ads would only be implemented in the future to cover hosting and bandwidth costs, and in that case all funds would be applied toward maintaining the site at no cost to those posting or reading.


What criteria do you look for when evaluating the submissions?
When looking at a submission, we will primarily be making sure the information provided is inclusive and accurate. If the sample chapters include a Genre or Graphic Element not indicated, the author will be contacted and those alteration may be added. Additionally, we will be looking at the sample chapters to ensure they demonstrate basic writing skill and language understanding. While Starter Serials welcome writers of all styles, the approved works will require a base level of quality to ensure a pleasant experience for the readers.



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