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Growing Super

Name of Web-Serial: Growing Super Posting Schedule:  Wednesdays  *After September 17, posts will be on Sundays* Post Minimum: 700 words Genres: Superhero Graphic Elements: Minor Violence When you live in the city that has the highest concentration of supers, Corelia, you get used to

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The Forgotten

Name of Web-Serial: The Forgotten Posting Schedule:  Sunday Post Minimum: 700 Words Genres: Science-Fiction Graphic Elements: Minor Language, Moderate Violence Summary: Cygnus is a planet tired of conflict after a decade of civil war. Just as the future looks hopeful again, the ‘People of the Sky’ appear

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 Have you ever read Le Morte Darthur, by Sir Thomas Mallory? It tells the story of King Arthur from start to finish. This book is very much like that book, in that, when Mallory wrote, he was writing from several

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Growing Super: Chapter 1

A large hand squeezed the back of Jack’s neck. Turning around, he found himself face to face with a brick wall. At least, that’s what he thought it was until he looked up and saw a face. It was an

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The Death of a Farm Boy

Name of Web-Serial: The Death of a Farmboy Posting Schedule:  Fridays Post Minimum: 1000 words Genres: Action, Fantasy, Historical, War Graphic Elements: High Violence, Moderate Sex and Language Brief Summary or Premise: An innocent boy is thrust into war, where he realizes a supernatural talent

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1: Wherein a Boy and a Thief are Met

From Various Accounts and General Legend It befell in the days of Ivan Nostram, when he was King of all the lands of Rethany and so reigned, that there was a boy who lived on a farm. That boy was

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The Forgotten – Prelude

Private Helsman, known as Dog to the unit, collapsed, his chest exploding from multiple bullet holes, after the Order’s elite Homeguard funneled the remaining soldiers of the Republic squad, known as the Rats, into a kill zone. Zap and Dapper

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Growing Super: Chapter 2

Jack opened his eyes, not knowing where he was. The last thing he remembered was climbing the tree to get the frisbee and then… the fall. Jack scrambled to his feet, and patted himself down for injuries. The only thing

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The Forgotten – Chapter 1

The suns burned brightly in the sky when the tractor suddenly lost power and quit working. The farmer slammed his hands in frustration against the steering wheel and climbed down from the ancient beast. His family had always been farmers,

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Growing Super: Chapter 3

It was a week before his mom got everything ready for him to head off to Trigaleon, a prestigious super school. Much of todays super graduated from there, or so she told him. Apparently both her family, and his dads

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