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Name of Web-Serial: Fallowfell; Freshman Year Posting Schedule:  Tuesdays and Thursdays Post Minimum: 1,000 words Genres: Urban-Fantasy, Fantasy,  Coming of Age, Action, Romance, Adventure, Drama, Slice Of Life, YAGraphic Elements: Mild violence, Mild sexual contentSummary:  Rune sure doesn’t have it easy. In the space of a year

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Fallowfell – Prologue

Prologue – The Hollow Hill As Leif-Erik walks up the slope he can’t help but lament his age. Fifty… fifty years ago he could have run up this slope, only to run down, and then run up again without breaking

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Fallowfell – Chapter 1

The Wooden Expression A honk wakes me. I glance at the clock. 6:22 AM on a …. it takes me a moment to remember the day; Saturday. It’s six in the morning on a Saturday. What kind of person is

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Fallowfell – Chapter 2

Neither Wood Nor Metal   I walk out of my villa and up to the adjacent one. I’m about to knock on the door when it swings wide open. Now you need to understand something about me. I have no

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Fallowfell – Chapter 3

Not My Name   I take a moment to collect my thoughts. They come sluggishly, with great effort.   “Once… once upon a time there was a woman.” My thoughts fray and tumble. Nidar eyes are odd…. so green. Where

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Fallowfell – Chapter 4

The Kingmaker And The Asshole I wake up… only to wish that I hadn’t. It feels like someone is drilling inside my head. Everything in my room is spinning, and gravity seems to have multiplied tenfold. I take a step

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Fallowfell – Chapter 5

The Undead Two weeks before Rune got shit-faced     It had Slept. For untold centuries, It had Slept. When It was last awake and alive, a man called Birger Jarl, one of the last Folk-Kings, had founded the city

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Fallowfell – Chapter 6

The Girl That Brings The Storm Plingplingplingplingplingpling     I open the door. Elena breezes by without even saying a word to me. A delicate and manicured hand flies out and slams the door shut, but not before I see

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Fallowfell – Chapter 7

Odin And The One-Eyed Worry The remaining six days pass quickly. Too quickly. I wish I could freeze time and let the last week of summer remain forever, like one of those ancient flies caught in amber. Suddenly its evening

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Fallowfell – Chapter 8

Vermilion Plaza The first thing I notice when I wake up is the unfamiliar ceiling. What… where am I? I blink slowly. I am sitting in a chair. I lean backwards slightly– — and I tip too far; up becomes

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