The End

Kyle did call the cops. He didn’t want the Archmagi to sweep the incident under the rug. That made for a very long night followed by a few long days of police questioning. When they told the police what had happened they immediately detained him and Jessie for further questioning.

In the end it didn’t lead to anything. Kyle’s story matched Jessie’s and the evidence discovered in the under ground medical facility. The police couldn’t think of anything that could have killed Thomas, who they eventually only identified via genetic testing, other than magic. Kyle knew magic, of course, but the police simply didn’t seem to believe he could have used it against an Archmage to such dramatic effect. Having attempted to use magic against Thomas, Kyle agreed completely.

When he was eventually released, a lawyer representing Archmage Charles met him almost immediately outside the jail and asked if he wanted training. The lawyer didn’t really specify what sort of training, but he didn’t really need to. After reaching some basic agreements, Kyle was very happy to accept.

* * *

Jessie got out of jail before Kyle. The police held her overnight, so they could question her the next day. Still, once they’d looked into her background and learned she didn’t know any magic, they’d been fairly certain she couldn’t have killed Thomas. They’d actually said as much, “given the state of the body we feel magic was used, can you tell us about the spell?” The officer who’d asked that question had been at the scene of the crime. He hesitated before saying “body” and had kind of a sour expression on his face. Given the state of the massive crazy magic blender Jessie had seen going for Thomas she expected “body” was something of a misnomer. She’d described things to the best of her ability, and that seemed to answer their questions, though it did so in a way they obviously didn’t like.

Jessie spent the next couple of days going nuts, both figuratively and literally. The police wouldn’t let her communicate with Kyle in any way so that was stressful. Kyle had grown on her even before he managed to rescue her from a malevolent Archmage, and now she felt she owed him. She wasn’t exactly sure where things went next, but she didn’t want to see him locked up.

Kyle had been worried the Archmagi would try to hush up the whole incident. If they had, they’d done a terrible job of it. The news spoke of little else for the next week. The event was analyzed from angles political, economic, social, and just plain stupid. Oddly enough, the conclusion generally reached seemed to be that Thomas had always been a bit of a jerk, but his actions weren’t necessarily representative of the Archmagi in general. There were a lot of stories from the illusion industry to back up the “always a jerk” thing, but perhaps some subtle media manipulation was behind the latter part of the conclusion.

Jessie contacted Suma, and her friends at the club, and let them know she was alright. Suma had been really worried and was glad to hear from her.  From other Prime Meridian workers she learned the club had been sold and was temporarily shut down. She wasn’t certain what that meant for Dwennon, but she did receive an email that said, in it’s entirety, “Thank you. Your debt has been discharged.” There was also a couple of thousand dollars deposited in her bank account anonymously. She took that to be a sort of TIP.

The literal going insane was a bit harder to deal with. Whatever had been done to her body was still going on. She could constantly feel a sort of buzzing somewhere in her mind. It was magic, of course, it was like she’d been locked in the “on” position shortly after Thomas had worked his spell on her. At first that had been lucky as it was the only way she’d managed Yorick’s Sheep Finder. The problem was, if she didn’t focus the power somehow, it seemed to swirl away into a spell her body was now constantly performing on its own. She was an Enchanted.

The enchantment made her crazy strong, impossibly fast, and lit her senses on fire. It also made her burn to use all that strength and power, and gave her strange ideas about what she should do. She found herself doing sit-ups and push-ups while she watched TV in her hotel room. She went nuts on the hotel fitness equipment, and jogged for hours when there was nothing better to do. Once she did a standing jump from the street to a dumpster and only stopped herself from doing a few more jumps on it just to see how high she could go when she had a flashback to watching Servant do that.

She found herself following random people on the street and only managed to stop each time because she had no real reason to watch them. Her interest was somewhat predatory; though not like she wanted to attack them. More like…. More like crazy magic had messed with her mind and body. She lost a lot weight, and got very tired of the scent of vanilla.

It wasn’t until the third day that she was contacted by a lawyer representing “Charles the Archmage” with an offer of aid. When she spoke to him she found he was working with Kyle who had tipped him off to her situation. He couldn’t directly remove the spell from Jessie’s DNA because if there was a spell for writing DNA back to normal he didn’t know it. What he knew was a spell that wrote magic into DNA. That, he said, would be good enough.

Jessie only agreed because she was certain she was going insane. Fortunately, he was as good as his word. He wrote a several spells into Jessie’s DNA things she could direct the magic into other than the one Thomas had put on her. The one she usually used was kind of interesting. It made any container that should contain 1 cubic into a container that held .9862347561 cubic meters. It burned a lot of power and kept the enchantment Thomas had put on her at bay.

Charles given her some other useful things. Some self defense stuff, rapid healing, and a few other odds and ends.  It all seemed a bit unnecessarily 007 to Jessie, but she found she didn’t mind. She’d been attacked far too frequently lately, now she “pitied the fool” who’d choose to mess with her.

* * *

Kyle and Jessie sat at the end of the pier on Charles’s Caribbean island. The water was crystal blue and as warm as a bath. The sea was calm as far as the eye could see. There were a few clouds but they looked like cotton puffs drifting on the wind.

Kyle looked over at Jessie, “You’re looking better.” He ventured. That was actually a tremendous understatement. Jessie was wearing a daring bathing suit, sporting a glowing tan, and seemed to have toned every last muscle in her body. Kyle expected if she wiggled her ears some sleek and glistening muscle would flex with the motion. It was a nice change. For a while she’d looked a bit like a cancer patient and smelled like a sugar cookie soaked in Everclear.

“And I know where the nearest sheep is!”

Kyle couldn’t help but laugh. “Did you really have him put that in?’

“Nah, I thought about it, but I had him put this in instead. Jessie held up her hand and a row of eleven lights flickered into being above it. Kyle knew the spells, each one of them had been invented using Tekhnikos Lux they weren’t even close to the most efficient spells the technique could manage. He’d cast hundreds of light spells simultaneously before selecting those. That was the standard approach to selecting a set of spells for use with Tekhnikos Oratio.

He summoned magic, a far far faster process after the past months of training, and then twisted his hand into a sign language letter. A light appeared above Kyle’s hand, and the same color light above Jessie’s palm flickered out. She grinned at him. “It seems like you’ll be able to call any time.”

“Yeah, and you can turn on just one of them.”

She nodded. They were quiet for a bit. Eventually Jessie looked over at him, “You’re looking like a tool.”

Kyle would have liked to object, but he was in fact looking like a tool. Charles had him wearing what he assured Kyle were traditional apprentices robes. Kyle gave it 85% odds that the robes were actually some antique graduation robes Charles had purchased on-line. The Archmage seemed to love practical jokes. It didn’t matter, Kyle was following the man’s instructions to the letter and he was learning rapidly. If that meant he looked silly it was a trade he was willing to make.

“So how much longer until you’re a mighty Archmage and you can wear trousers again?”

“That is apparently a difficult question. Charles will teach me what he thinks I need to learn to keep me from being a danger. That should only take a few more months, but I’ll never be an Archmage until I prove myself.”

“And how’s that done?”

Kyle shrugged.

“So what are you going to do in the mean time, oh not terribly mighty apprentice mage?”

“Aside from, ‘What Charles tells me to?’ I hear there’s an opening in the illusion industry. Lots of small firms are growing these days. Apparently spells were being suppressed across the board. It’s pretty easy to develop a light spell even without the Tekhnikos.” Kyle swept a foot through the water. He’d worn the stupid robe, but he had rolled it up and taken off his shoes. They were in the Caribbean after all. It was hot.

“Really? Thinking of going back into business?”

“Yeah, and I could use an assistant.”

Jessie swept a strand of hair off of her face and grinned, “I might be available. But you’re going to have to pay me more. I’ve got previous industry experience.”

Intermezzo pt1

For some reason I cannot adequately explain, even to myself, I'm trying to write and to write better. So if you like my story let me know. All feedback is appreciated.

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21 comments on “The End
  1. SaintPeter says:

    Loved it! Can’t wait for the next one!

    “Sent of vanilla”
    should be “scent”

  2. Thaumaturgical_Support says:

    Welp, that’s all for book one. (There will be a book two!) Shut the cover, put it down, and think for a moment about what we’ve learned. Or, you know, go read some other serial.

  3. DeNarr says:

    Will book 2 still involve the same characters?

    • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

      Jessie and Kyle will definitely be in book 2. Beyond that I don’t know. There are some characters I’d like to work in, but some are easier to include than others.

      • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

        Actually, let me strengthen that. They are still the main characters and only viewpoint characters of book 2. They aren’t going anywhere even a little bit.

        • Drake says:

          Ah thats great! The post before made me a little worried. After all, this end feels more like the beginning of a new adventure.

          Thx for this great story, hope i can soon enjoy Book II.

          Best regards,


  4. isa says:

    That was a nice ending to an enjoyable story, look forward to your next one!

  5. AvidFan says:


    I have the sudden urge to find a random book, flip to the middle, and slam it shut while saying “Finished!” for dramatic effect. And maybe cry in a corner while I wait for book 2 or another web serial to read (I’ve exhausted all the web serials that seem interesting to me on TWF 🙁 ).

    Oh! And now that book 1 is finished, here’s my review:
    *drum roll*
    …… 1 out of… 1! 100%! 😀 (I’m bad at reviews, so take a rating instead. I can probably make it a 2/1 if I see a page from book 2 in the next week 😛 )

  6. Mike G. says:

    Add me to the “can’t wait for book 2!” list 🙂

    One minor typo:

    “Nah, I thought about it, but I had him put this in instead. Jessie held up her hand and a row of eleven lights flickered into being above it.

    There’s a missing ” in there somewhere, I suspect after “instead.”

    • Mike G. says:

      Do you have a mailing list (or fb, or twitter, or …) you’ll notify when there’s a new story?

      RSS here really isn’t reliable any more – it seems to update in a batch every week or 2

      • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

        The next story update is scheduled for June 23. (I’ll be doing some commentary next week and the week after.) I don’t have any sort of email thing set up, but I’d be happy to make a list and put anyone who wants notification on it.

  7. johnwedd says:

    You have an awesome writing style, office space meets harry dresden. reminds me of geekomancy series by Michael R. Underwood. i would throw together a epub book with a couple of extra’s to use as a patreon incentive. get yourself some help with the editing though.

    • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

      Thanks! I really enjoy both office space and Harry Dresden so that’s nice to hear. I haven’t read geekomancy, but I’ll have to check them out.

  8. Sebastián says:

    Great book! Overall I really loved the way you designed the magic system to work with IPs and stuff.
    Will there be a chance of you using a more… user friendly site? like wordpress or blogspot? this one is a bit of a mess.
    Also, how will we know when the sequel be up?


    • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

      > More user friendly site

      Have you checked out the mirror at Wattpad? You may find it suits you better. Mostly wattpad is very fast, they try to mimic a book in terms of layout, they have a mobile app, a number of tracking options for the story, and some other nice things. I post updates there at around 8AM GMT -7 on the same day I post them here.

      I was considering programming my own site for the story, but those plans have been put on hold because I’ve committed to a project writing bank loan analysis software that will eat up most of my free web-development time.

      > how will we know when the sequel be up?

      I could mail you a reminder, if you’d like. But, the next serial will start on either the 23rd of this month or the 16th. I’m definitely taking this week off from posting fiction, but I’ve started to worry all my readers will leave me if I take next week off as well. 😉

  9. irrevenant says:

    Typos: “The police held her over night”. Overnight.

    “Her interest somewhat predatory”. Missing ‘was’?

    “Fortunately, he was as good as his world”. Word. Although his world may also be good. 😛

    “The one she usually used was pure kind of interesting.” ‘was sure’?

    “Jessie swept a hair off of her face and grinned”. I’m not sure you can “sweep” a single hair. Either sweep her hair out of her face or brush a single hair away. That one could be just me, though.

    • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

      You’re awake early/late! (At least you’re reading while *I’m* awake, which is unusual.)

      Thanks for the corrections! If you read into the next “book” right away the errors may multiply dramatically. 🙁 This section was posted about 8 months after I wrote it. As such, I’d had some time to forget what I meant to write when I was editing it and some of my errors were actually visible to me. The first update of the next book was posted about a month after I wrote it, so it was all still in my head when I was trying to proofread. Plus other readers won’t have had time to warn me about anything.

      None of which is meant to scare you off the next book! I just don’t want you to get frustrated by all the errors without at least dropping a polite warning…

  10. irrevenant says:

    Cool story. Personally I thought it started stronger than it finished. It started with a really interesting premise combining magic, engineering and IP, and giving us a protagonist who is a blend of entrepreneur, mage and martial artist. Oh, and Jessie. 😛

    Kudos on starting a little slow and giving us time to get to know the characters before things hit the fan, too.

    It was an interesting twist that Kyle was only one of several people to have discovered this ‘spell’ – and in fact is the only one who survived in part because he trailed behind the pack. And seeing Kyle come to terms with what he’d discovered and try to figure out how to capitalise it was interesting.

    I thought the second half of the story was good, but not as strong as the first half. It largely consisted of running away and fights and didn’t really capitalise on the clever premise from the first half (exception: using the cube to break into HQ was clever). And they ultimately “won” by calling in the cavalry and having someone else save them – which made sense but was kind of anticlimactic. (Thomas doing the “Now I have captured you I shall monologue my evil plan, muahahahhaa!” thing didn’t help, either”).

    The scope also seemed kind of constrained. The entire forces of the powerful Archmage Thomas seem to consist of two bounty hunters/base guards (who guarded the base when they were out hunting Kyle, anyway?) and two manticores. I suspect that mostly the story was just too short to do justice to its initial premise. I was expecting a desperate struggle, surviving on their wits against overwhelming odds.

    • irrevenant says:

      Crap, bumped “send” early. xO

      I was gonna say: I suspect that mostly the story was just too short to do justice to its initial premise.

    • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

      Thanks for the feedback. You bring up a lot of good points.

      I’d like to claim the story was just too short, but I’m not sure if it’s that simple. It was about 120K words, so it was a standard novel length. I might claim I should be allowed 20K more or so because I was trying to get more everyday life into the story. However, if I could have gotten each scene to do more (for example plot and setting instead of just setting) the ending wouldn’t have seemed quite so abrupt.

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