The Beginners Guide to Magical Site Licensing

ATTENTION! Starter serials goes dark on April 4th, 2016!

My plan is to see this as an opportunity, finish writing the second book before the 4th, then rework the books for submission to agents and after that when they’ve been roundly rejected self-publishing. If anyone wants to get an update when the book has found a permanent home my email address is crumjd @ gmail . com write me there and I’ll send you a message when the book finds its final home. I won’t spam you. It’s not a corporate account or anything and I have neither the time nor the energy to offer you ways to enlarge your genitalia. In the interim I’ll probably be doing some stories on my username is crumjd there as well.

Name of Web-Serial: The Beginners Guide to Magical Site Licensing
Posting Schedule: 
 Tuesdays & Thursdays
Post Minimum: 
750 words
Science Fiction, Fantasy
Graphic Elements: Mild Violence and Language
Brief Summary or Premise:

Fantasy fiction set it a world where magic is real,  universally acknowledged, and limited by something known as the “non-scalar principle.”  Simply put, the more people that try to cast the same spell at the same time on planet earth the more energy each caster must put into their spell to achieve the intended effect. In the past, this made wizards act as they generally do in fiction; they were aloof, mysterious, and above all highly protective of their knowledge.

The story takes place after this fictional universe has gained roughly the same technological base as our own.  In the modern world magical spells are managed through a strict system of intellectual property agreements, and performed by white collar workers.  As a profession, this is similar to engineering with all the spells carefully selected, reserved, and coordinated ahead of time to achieve maximum efficiency and avoid causing failure of countless projects around the world when some spell becomes too difficult to cast.  Technology and magic interacting on this level has produced countless wonders and a few horrors.

The main character, Kyle, is a young and disillusioned magical engineer who spends most of his time casting dull and repetitive spells. However, he researches magic on his own time.  When he discovers a way to make illusions that completely sidestep the non-scalar law he upsets some very powerful interests:  In this world, if you’ve got access to enough raw magical current you can live for hundreds of years,  so it shouldn’t be any surprise that the competition is starting to get a little medieval.

In which a man with a headache does a spell

For some reason I cannot adequately explain, even to myself, I'm trying to write and to write better. So if you like my story let me know. All feedback is appreciated.

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