Jessie Released

When Kyle opened the next door he saw a man who was almost a caricature of business sophistication. He was sitting with a button down shirt open at the collar with its cuffs rolled up. Next to him over the back of the couch was a suit jacket and a tie. He was looking at papers of some sort, and there was a laptop open on the coffee table in front of him. He looked up when Kyle opened the door, “I didn’t buzz for anything.”

“Sorry, sir,” Kyle said, “Uh, there’s been a bit of a disturbance, please don’t leave your room for the next bit.” Kyle figured that was good enough advice.

He was apparently wrong. “Of course, I’ll stay in my room! You’ve locked me in here!”

“Oh, yeah.” Kyle stepped back letting the door fall shut behind him.

“You know I…” The man started to say before the door shut and cut him off.

Kyle shot a look down the hall. It had probably only been a little over a minute since he’d tossed his backpack through the floor, but he was shocked security hadn’t arrived yet. Perhaps they were checking out the floor that was still blanketed in darkness. Still, he couldn’t have much time left.

He opened a third door. This suite was also dark, but some thick animal scent rolled out of it like he’d stuck his head into the den of a large beast. He noticed the couch had several big rips in it. Kyle let that door fall shut almost immediately. Shortly after it shut there was a heavy impact on its other side. The whole wall shook, but there was only the one thump, and whatever was inside didn’t protest further.

He opened the fourth door. Jessie was sitting on the couch. When she saw him she didn’t even give him time to speak before she bounded up, off the couch, and came running out of the room. For a second Kyle thought she was going to hug him.

Though she stopped just short of that, perhaps she thought the same thing because she said, “You got my message! I could kiss you!” Then she stopped, and looked away, “And you came. Thanks. I wasn’t sure.”

Kyle had never really considered not coming. He’d forgiven Jessie somewhere along the line without quite realizing it. Besides, he was here for himself as well. “Yeah, well, thanks for leading me here. Now let’s get the heck out of here. I have an escape back that way.” He pointed back down the hallway.

That was when the guards finally managed to arrive, turning the corner at the far end of the hall. “Stop right there,” one yelled.

Kyle looked up at the guards. Only they weren’t guards as such, they were the same set of bounty hunters that had already tried to catch him twice. Kyle’s first impulse was less fear and more irritation. He thought, These guys really need a better hobby, and that came out of his mouth as an annoyed, “You guys!”

The first bounty hunter, the one he’d knocked unconscious with Raven’s Gift gave him a smirk, “The boss was less then convinced you’d show for your meeting. He had us cover the fort just in case. Sorry we took so long to get to you. We had to call him up after you blacked out the hallway.”

“I’ll be sure to clear out of here in less than two hours.”

“That might be a problem. We were both really hoping you could stay.”

Kyle raised one eyebrow trying to put on a brave face. Maybe he could intimidate them. “You know, the last two times we fought you ended up on your butt. Why don’t you just save yourself the pain?”

“The first time we fought, you sucker punched me, the second time you ran like a rabbit.” He rolled his neck resulting in a couple of cracks that were audible even down the length of the hall, “I’m OK with a rematch.”

That, Kyle thought, was a fairly definitive fail on his intimidate roll. He backed up a couple of steps, “Well, how about introductions first? We keep meeting. It seems like we should at least know your names.” The second bounty hunter looked a little amused by that idea.

The first did not. “Sorry, I try not to socialize with targets.”

Maybe he was sore over the stun spell. Both men were walking toward them. Since talking his way out of the problem had failed Kyle tried to magic himself out of it. He still had the light absorbing spell going across the entire ceiling except for the lights, he now swept it down over the men covering them in a wall of rolling black. The man stopped, that much was obvious because they didn’t walk out of the cloud which ended only a little bit in front of where they had been. There was some rustling from behind the black wall and the second bounty hunter spoke for the first time, “Wait! You can’t just shoot him.”

“Oh yes I can.”

“Boss said he wanted to talk to him. He wants to see who he’d told about the spell.”

“He can talk with a hole in his leg.”

“Not if you hit an artery.”

That was disturbing. Kyle parted the blackness over the men again. They were standing as they had before, side to side having stopped when the dark went down on them, only now both men were wearing some sort of strange glasses. They looked a bit like aviator’s goggles with solid brass lenses. Some sort of writing edged the lenses with glowing symbols that might have been alchemical. Presumably they were why the first bounty hunter, who now held a rather large gun, thought he could hit Kyle.

Gathering Evidence

For some reason I cannot adequately explain, even to myself, I'm trying to write and to write better. So if you like my story let me know. All feedback is appreciated.

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12 comments on “Jessie Released
  1. Thaumaturgical_Support says:

    I haven’t commented on one of these in a while. That was because I got a stomach flu and a new job. Um, those two are unrelated BTW.

    I just hate taking the new job. (Didn’t like the stomach bug much either…) I am not an adventurous soul, so a change like this is kinda meh. Still, it was a big raise. I kind of have to take it. Now I’ll just have to buckle down and do a good job. It might affect these notes in the future, though not the story as a whole. I’ve got 10K words in the can for the next book already.

    I interviewed for a long time while my current (soon to be ex) employer went through some difficulties. I was picky and I got good at it, so when I found a place that was interested in me I had the skill to negotiate aggressively.

    If you’re looking for a job and have the time, I highly recommend that approach. If you haven’t interviewed much or recently or at your current career level, then you’ve probably got some misconceptions about how it works. You need to talk to a lot of different businesses and reject a couple of different offers to correct those misconceptions and figure out your own salary-value.

    Or, you know, you might need something tomorrow. In which case hit it hard and say yes quickly.

    But hey Space Wizards! There were two interesting things going on in this update, I felt. First there’s Kyle’s attempt to get the bounty hunters to introduce themselves. I don’t remember what I was thinking when I wrote that but I might have been poking fun at their general namelessness. Still, DENIED! At least in this book and this version of the story they will remain Mook 1 and Mook 2.

    Second, this is the best hint of romantic tension between Jessie and Kyle in the whole story. I originally wanted a romantic subplot. Because, really, who doesn’t like a good romantic subplot? However, it just didn’t work.

    Kyle is a nerdy relatable everyman. IRL Nerdy relatable everymen get the girl all the time; but they have to work at it. Books that skip this fact (and I’ve read a lot of them; it’s got to be one of the most common flaws in self-publishing) end up with a romance that feels tacked on. Kyle has now done enough cool stuff that someone might want to spontaneously hug him. At least that was how it read for me.

    M’kay, I’m sure there were other things I wanted to say, but I’ve rambled long enough. TTFN.

    • DeNarr says:

      Honestly. I felt it stranger that she didn’t hug him. When someone rescues you from a psycho archmage’s prison, hugging them on seeing them come to rescue seems perfectly natural. It wouldn’t even necessitate any romantic feelings.

      NOT hugging him, however, suggests she actually does have feelings for him at this point, and isn’t sure if hugging him would be appropriate right now.

      • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

        Then it’s about right. 😉 I mean, the story doesn’t close with a wedding or anything, but I think they’ve been through enough there could be something starting to form between them.

        • AvidFan says:

          The story doesn’t… Just THIS one right? You’re not confirming or denying it for the sequel? Right? RIGHT!?
          (I’m a sucker for romance and happy endings)

          • irrevenant says:

            Eh. A happy ending would see Kyle getting far away from that self-centred wench and finding himself a *nice* girl.

            Seriously, they have like zero chemistry and nothing in common beyond being victims of the same archmage.

            • Warren Peace says:

              Whoa, vitriol! What makes you say that? I didn’t think anything of the sort.

              • Irrevenant says:

                ‘cos that’s how the character came across to me. I didn’t find Jessie at all likeable and I didn’t feel like there was any chemistry between her and Kyle. Your mileage may (and apparently does 🙂 vary. I don’t like her.

                I need to get back to reading the sequel sometime though. She appears to have undergone some character growth there.

                • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

                  About the sequel: Starter serials goes dark on April 4th. My plan is to see this as an opportunity, finish writing the second book, pull the books off Wattpad as well when starter serials shuts down then rework the books for submission to agents and then (after they’ve been roundly rejected) self-publishing. In a few minutes, I’ll update the first post of the serial with this note and my email address ( crumjd @ gmail . com ) for people who’d like me to mail them a notification when the book finds its final home, but if you’d like to read it here….

  2. Thaumaturgical_Support says:

    Right! 😉

  3. john neisser says:

    need to finish this story.
    has Jessie become loyal to the arch mage?
    Does she fight to save the Kyle
    Does he get away to report and to who?

    • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

      Questions that will soon be answered! 🙂 The story will conclude on June 9th. Though, of course, there will be updates every Tuesday and Thursday until then.

  4. irrevenant says:

    Typo: “That was when the guard’s finally managed to arrive”. Guards. Okay, you’ve driven me to this. Take it away, Bob:

    (Note: I’m not as vehement about this as he is – I just find him memorable. :D)

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