Intermezzo pt2

Caution: The following is a slight spoiler. Only to the degree of the synopsis inside a normal book’s dust jacket, but maybe you don’t like those…

The Beginner’s Guide to Magical Site Licensing Book 2: Fundamentals of Magical Semiconductors

Synopsis: After defeating corrupt Archmage Thomas the Illusionist, Kyle and Jessie have been taken under the wing of Archmage Charles. They are receiving training that will eventually give them access to secrets they never previously guessed at, and knowledge is power.

However, all is not well. Jessie now grapples with the aftereffects of spell the Thomas wove into her DNA, and Kyle is uncertain if he can support the Archmagi’s methods or their goals. Worse yet, conflict is brewing between these shadowy power brokers and the underground groups that oppose them.

Will Jessie and Kyle end up in the middle of a secret war? If they do which side will they choose?

Book 2 begins June 16

Intermezzo pt1
Ch1: Rumble In Pando pt1

For some reason I cannot adequately explain, even to myself, I'm trying to write and to write better. So if you like my story let me know. All feedback is appreciated.

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4 comments on “Intermezzo pt2
  1. Mike G. says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be great, looking forward to it!

  2. SaintPeter says:

    Affect should be effects.

    • irrevenant says:

      And “aftereffects” is generally one word.

      Reaching new levels of pickiness: this post should probably be more accurately labelled “Blurb for Book 2” or something rather than Intermezzo 2.

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