“Fine,” the first man growled putting his gun back in a holster inside his suit jacket. Without any particular transition, he made the same series of quick gestures he’d used previously which resulted in a crackling ball of green energy that he threw down the hall at Kyle. Kyle only just barely managed to throw up his shield in time, and by that time both men were running down the hall at them.

Kyle thought something along the lines of, Crap! He dropped his autocaster back into his pocket then yanked in more magic with the connection to the source that was still open inside him and flipped his hand out and open summoning a ball of light. It was Jessie that surprised him. She took off down the hallway like a shot, moving faster than seemed really right towards the approaching guards.

The shield in front of Kyle fell and he fired his globe of light at the bounty hunter who’d thrown magic at him earlier. He aimed for center mass even though it had the potential to kill the bounty hunter. That was one thing Jun had always stressed, if you’re going to attack someone physically you might kill them. If you’re not willing to risk that, get pepper spray or a non-lethal spell and drop out of class. Kyle only really realized he’d internalized the lesson when the hunter leaped out of the way of the globe just before Kyle pushed energy into it and it flashed out of existence with more than enough force to boiled all the water in a man’s chest. The man hit the wall and stumbled.

Jessie had managed to engage the second bounty hunter by that time. She seemed to be holding her own despite the fact that, as far as Kyle knew, she had no training. Her fists flew in a hail of ill formed and poorly balanced punches that all moved almost too fast to see. The bounty hunter was blocking, but just barely. Then Jessie leaped up and all the way over him, pushed off the ceiling, and came back down behind him spinning to level a big hard hay-maker of a punch at the man’s head. The hunter ducked without looking, and swept out his leg at Jessie. Kyle saw it coming because that was how he’d trained to react to an attack like that. He let out a strangled warning that sounded more like, “Yarg” than anything sensible. As it turned out, Jessie didn’t need it. She was simply moving fast enough to recover from throwing the punch, glance down, see the leg coming at her, and react by jumping over it. Kyle thought she was going to be OK as long as she could hold that sort of speed, though he wasn’t sure how long she’d be able to.

The whole exchange between Jessie and her hunter had taken a few seconds, but that was long enough for the first bounty hunter to recover from dodging and cross the remaining hall to Kyle. About a yard from Kyle, he jumped into a flying kick that would have driven his foot half way through Kyle’s face. Kyle threw the shield again and the man slammed into it. The man’s leg made a popping sound as he hit, and Kyle hoped he’d broken something. If he had, he really didn’t show it when he landed. Instead he fell into a fighting stance and waited for the shield to drop.

Kyle didn’t wait. He summoned another globe of light then tried to fire through his own shield at the bounty hunter’s head; the man barely had time to flinch. Fortunately for the bounty hunter, the shield was capable of blocking the light spell. The globe hit it and dissolved with a flash. It was enough to put spots across Kyle’s vision. The bounty hunter was still wearing his goggles and he yelped in pain and then tore them off as the light washed across him. While he was doing that, the shield fell and Kyle sprang forward gathering his magic for a chi strike that would have shattered bone.

He didn’t get the chance to deliver it. The bounty hunter Kyle was fighting dropped to the floor. Apparently, the first bounty hunter was aware of Kyle’s fight as well as his own; perhaps that was more of the two men’s freaky co-ordination. He did something Kyle didn’t see but it was enough to catch Jessie off guard and send her flying through the air down the hall and into Kyle. Kyle would have been bowled over by the impact, but Jessie was moving way too fast for that. She twisted in the air hitting him relatively gently. Then managed to get her feet on the floor after the impact. Kyle didn’t see what she did to stay standing, but the next thing he knew she’d caught him and pulled him back upright.

Jessie stepped forward kicking awkwardly at the- bounty hunter now crouched near the floor. The man blocked catching Jessie’s foot. Again, she reacted instantly with uncanny strength, and used the man’s hold as a step allowing her to bring her free foot up and onto his shoulder. That loosened his grip on her first foot. She freed it and jumped off him towards the man she’d initially been fighting. The force of the jump was enough to drive the man who’d just grabbed her to the floor.

Kyle still had the magic he’d gathered for a strike a moment before. He gave the prone man no time to recover. Instead he leveled a kick straight at his head. The man was on the floor but he wasn’t injured- just down. He also still had some sort of enhancement to both his strength and speed. He managed to block Kyle’s foot before it could connect.

Fortunately, for Kyle if not the bounty hunter, he’d been expecting that. He released all of his magic in a huge unfocused burst. It was, perhaps, the best strike Kyle had ever managed. There was a tremendous crack, a flash of light bright enough to leave Kyle blinking, and the bounty hunter screamed as every bone in his hand shattered. A moment later the smell of burnt meat reached Kyle’s nose.

Kyle remembered Jun’s advice from class, “Be sure your enemy is down.” He performed an excellent “flying stomp” on the man’s knee. The crack that resulted from that maneuver wasn’t anywhere as loud as the one from the Chi punch. However, it was slightly nauseating. The man hadn’t exactly stopped making noise over his hand, but he screamed momentarily louder as his knee shattered. Then he ran out of air and his face just turned red.

Kyle was fairly sure his enemy was down. Using a foot he shoved the man onto his back and kicked his suit coat open. The man still had a holstered weapon there. Kyle pulled it free. “Don’t fight me,” he warned.

Jessie Released
Round One: Victory!

For some reason I cannot adequately explain, even to myself, I'm trying to write and to write better. So if you like my story let me know. All feedback is appreciated.

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