Ch8: Triple Double Agent pt8

Hello All, today’s update is slightly short because I need to pass along some important information about Starter Serials. This site will be sun-setting on Apr 4th. Really, this is no surprise. We’ve only got three active serials these days and the content has probably diverged from what the founders are writing so there’s not much synergy between this site and theirs and thus not much reason for them to keep it active. Honestly, this is something I’ve expected for some time.

So? What does that mean for this story? Alright, first off I’d like to assure everyone that I fully intend to finish the current “book”. Fundamentals of Magical Semiconductors has about 40K words left, it’s all outlined, and more of it than you see below is written. 🙂

There are three ways I can deliver it. I can hurry up and post it all here before the site closes, I can move to some other serial publishing platform or I can make my own site. Of those options, I like the first best. If I can just get this story out the door by April I’d gain a lot of flexibility. I could go back and work the first book over for publishing (either self or professional), and I could decided if there should be a third book, or if I should move on to another setting, knowing I hadn’t left anyone hanging.

So can I write that fast? Well, yes, standing on my head actually. I’ve done nanowrimo a couple of times and always “won” so with a real push I should be able to get the remainder of the story written in about 20 days. Would the quality suffer? Not delectably; half of the previous book was written that way! Is my life currently set up to do that?


Yeah; there’s the rub. It took me a good two or maybe three weeks just to make THIS announcement and even then I stinted the main update a bit so I’d have time to write it. So, here’s the deal. Thursday’s update will be normal. In the background, this week, I’m going to scramble to kick the writing into high gear. Maybe next Tuesday’s update will weigh in at about 2K words. If so, you’ll know I’m making a run for the finish line. If not…

Well, if not watch this space for a link for where we’re gonna finish up when Starter Serials goes away.

OK – now on with the story.

Kyle retched, but managed to keep it to dry heaves because the confused sensations rapidly faded. When his senses started making sense again, he felt Lynn’s had on his shoulder and realized the other man was bending over him with a concerned expression on his face. “You OK, bro?”

“Oh crap, I don’t know! Is it suppose to feel like this?”

“There’s some synthesia as the spell get’s going. Your head is filled with an extremely powerful magnetic field right now, but it should settle down quickly.” There were various shades to Lynn’s words, and not metaphorical shades either, but they faded out as he spoke.

“I think, um, yeah. I guess I’m okay. Warn me if a spells going to do that! I thought I was going to die for a minute.”

“Sorry, man. I thought it would be better if you didn’t know it was coming. Like a kid and a needle you know.”

“If that was better I wouldn’t want to visit worse.”

The spell was settling down, Kyle thought, his eyes and ears were back to normal there was a sour taste in his mouth that had some very off cyan notes, but as he ran his tongue over his teeth that faded and everything started to feel normal again.

“Alright, I guess I’m good,” Kyle told the room. “You’ll know if I lie.”

“Yeah mand, your aura will change colors.”

“My aura?”

“That’s what the light above your head is called by the spell. I guess you can’t see it but it’s totaly there. You want me to turn off the light or something?”


Alison interrupted, “Do not turn off the light. He’s spying on us! Trying to turn us over to the archmagi.”

Lynn gave Kyle a slightly embarrassed and apologetic look, “Sorry, but she’s got a point.”

Kyle considered protesting that he had not intention of turning anyone over to the archmagi. The mundane cops, maybe, but not the archmagi who would have about as much use for a group of renegade magic users as a bunch of cats would. Of course, telling the children that probably wouldn’t help anything so Kyle kept his mouth shut.

“How does this work,” Alison asked.

By this point everyone, including Merv, was looking at Lynn. Lynn apparently noticed and looked down at his shoes apparently not liking all the attention. Fern touched his arm, and he glanced up and smiled at her just a bit, then took a deep breath. “Alright, the kind of aura looking light above his head is generated by the spell for the moment it’s his ‘aura’ it’ll change color as he answers questions. That let’s you know if he’s telling the truth or not.”

“What color means he’s lying,” Alison stressed the word lying and shot Kyle a dirty look.

“Oh, yeah, right. Blue is true, red is false. If it turns amber that means he doesn’t really know the answer, and if it turns green there is no good answer. Like if you ask him something subjective or something like that.”

Kyle held the hand that was not currently stoking Merv up in front of his face and looked at it. Now that he knew what to look for he could see subtile shifts in his skin color, like perhaps he was standing in front of christmas lights or a television in a dark room.

“Alright, seems simple enough. Kyle, why did you join this group?”

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For some reason I cannot adequately explain, even to myself, I'm trying to write and to write better. So if you like my story let me know. All feedback is appreciated.

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One comment on “Ch8: Triple Double Agent pt8
  1. Evan says:

    Three comments:
    1. I really enjoy this serial, and am glad to hear there’s more to come.
    2. I strongly suggest you migrate to another site ASAP, then for each update post a link here that points to the update at the new location. Doing this will maximize the chance that your readers follow you to the new location. If you finish out the serial here and then switch you’re likely to lose many readers.
    3. Kyle is now petting Merv again, but last update Merv jumped 5 ft away.

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