Ch8: Triple Double Agent pt7

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Kyle considered what The Children of Atlantis might ask him. The advantage to the situation was he was slightly on the fence about the group. If they were just going to help homeless women kick drugs then they were fine in his opinion. If they were going to blow up buildings, then he’d report them to the police. So if they asked if he was going to report them to the police, he could say he didn’t plan on it, or perhaps he didn’t plan on it yet. There were a lot of other possible questions that would go roughly the same way. The spell might be worth the risk, and at worst they’d ask him if he knew anything that could really get them in trouble, he’d say no, and then they’d turn him out on the street but not give him the magical equivalent of a Columbian neck tie first.

Of course, they’d said they wouldn’t do that anyway. But could you entirely trust someone you thought might kill you when they said they didn’t plan to kill you?

“Alright, I’ll do this. Just, if you guys fry my brain or something…” He trailed off letting the thought hang because he didn’t have a good threat. He’d been planning on saying he’d haunt them, but that didn’t really seem so funny when he was planning to let someone cast unknown magic at his head.

Everyone looked at Lynn who didn’t seem to understand why they were looking at him for a moment then got it and kind of shook himself. “Okay dudes, the scale factor on this one isn’t so bad, but it’s still fairly well-known, so every time I’ve tried to use it I’ve needed more energy than I could summon on my own. Fern, Alison, can you help me with the charge?”

Alison didn’t even bother to agree. She just sank down to the floor with her legs in the lotus position, her eyes closed, and her face calm. Her chest began to rise and fall as she took deep regular breaths. Kyle watched with a certain amount of professional interest. He’d seen a lot of people meditate to gather magic over the years, and it looked considerably more natural on Alison than it had on a lot of the people he’d worked with. Light began to gather behind her closed eyelids fairly quickly.

Lynn sat down next to Alison took her hand, and then closed his eyes falling into a similar meditative pose fairly quickly. Kyle looked over at Fern, he wasn’t the only one. Pretty much everyone in the room turned toward her. She hadn’t agreed to the spell, but apparently it wasn’t likely to happen without her. She, in turn, looked at where the two other magic users sat on the floor, sighed slightly, and took up a place next to them, took Lynn’s hand, set it in her lap, and then also closed her eyes.

Kyle looked around the room again trying to distract himself and keep his nerves in check. The Children seemed calm, which was probably a good sign. Murrow was still gone. Jen looked on with the interest, but otherwise her expression was unreadable. Bob seemed to be recovering. Jessie was clearly on edge, but at least she didn’t smell like an alcohol soaked cupcake. She was probably fighting pretty hard to keep her magic at bay.

Merv decided he’d had enough petting or perhaps he decided he wasn’t getting the petting he deserved. At any rate, he stood, stretched, and moved to jumped off Kyle’s lap. Kyle tried to hold him wanting to keep the magical insurance policy the cat represented, but the cat wasn’t having any of that. He let out a sharp rowl scratched Kyle’s hand and then jumped free when Kyle pulled back. Of course, once he was actually free, he only walked five feet away before flopping down to lick himself. Kyle sighed. It probably didn’t matter anyway, not if he was going to sit still for whatever spell Lynn was cooking up.

After a few minutes, a glow surrounded the meditating group. Kyle noted, with a little pride that it didn’t look like they had quite as much energy between them as he could have summoned on his own. He’d always been very strong, magically, and Charles had spent a lot of time driving him to build on his natural abilities. Of course, he wasn’t certain of his assessment as he was basically guessing based on the relative light level.

Lynn stood, drew some bindings in the air to focus all the magic to one point, and chanted in Latin. The short phrase would have translated to “let truth be revealed,” then he took two steps forward and smacked his hand onto Kyle’s forehead. Kyle opened his mouth to complain about the slap but before he could get the words out the world went pear-shaped. He tasted purple, thick, loud, and overly sweet filling his mouth. The light in the room was too bright, it rang in his eyes like a great vast bell, and he was really really dizzy.

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For some reason I cannot adequately explain, even to myself, I'm trying to write and to write better. So if you like my story let me know. All feedback is appreciated.

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5 comments on “Ch8: Triple Double Agent pt7
  1. Bart says:

    That was kind of stupid. He should have had them cast it at someone else first, like the only one of them who has a built-in magic spell for clearing their head and breaking mental manipulations, his erst-while fiance.

    • DeNarr says:

      It sounds like drawing up the energy for the spell is a big deal for them though, so they may not have been willing to do a “test run”. Also, since they don’t know Jessie has protections, what excuse would Kyle give for sending his fiance up first?

      • Bart says:

        He’s the one with the big magic. In case it does do anything wonky, only he can fix it. She can’t do diddelysquat to help him. He might possibly have been able to monitor the spell, watch the energies, and thrown in some sort of emergency shield if it looked like something that they were lying about. Those are all things that they know, reasonable explanations for why she should go first. They wouldn’t know about his hidden trump card. But he turned everything off and just sat back and let them do whatever.

        Besides, they could have asked them to do it to one of themselves first. So it takes a lot of energy. So it might take an hour or three to work through casting it twice. No big deal, compared to the ability to be able to implicitly trust someone that’s nothing. And in the meantime they can explain the spell and he can start feeling through it.

        Best case scenario, it only makes him blurt out everything that’s true and relevant to what they’re asking him about. Worst case scenario, he ends up thinking that what they say is true and he becomes the newest willing convert to whatever illegal things they’re doing.

    • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

      He (well, OK, I) didn’t think of that.

      However, it’s a good thing he didn’t! Remember, while Kyle doesn’t have evidence that the Children have done anything illegal and has no real plan to report them to the police *Jessie* has seen one of them use highly illegal mind control magic. She hasn’t been able to report this to Kyle yet as she only sent him a brief text message.

      So if she went under the truth spell she wouldn’t be able to answer in the same way Kyle can. She’d be able to use her healing spell to undo any long term damage after the fact, but to say she has no problem with the children she’d need resist the spell and lie.

      The spell “works like an MRI” according to Lynn. He means this: So unless she’s got a way of telling lies without using the parts of the brain involved in lying, she’d be caught. She’d heal afterwards, but not until the game had been given away.

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