Ch8: Triple Double Agent pt4

Kyle took a deep breath and tried to inhale magic with it, but nothing came. The magic continued to elude him as he tried a second and third time, but he did find himself getting just a bit light headed. To center himself he fell back on closing his eyes and slowing his breathing as he’d been taught in college. That didn’t work either, but it did calm him, and he was able to catch a thread of power by opening his mind to what was happening around him.

It was only just in time as a black shape came flying out of the room a moment after he finished.

At first, Kyle thought it was a bed sheet or maybe a plastic bag. That didn’t really make much sense, but the object was black like a garbage bag and maybe about the right size. Then the object fell to the ground, caught itself on two legs, and stood. Kyle’s brain caught up and he recognized the shape and movement of the thing, the person, as human. For a moment, Kyle thought the man was wearing all black including some sort of baklava and gloves. But, again, it didn’t fit with what he was seeing. The man wasn’t wearing much at all just a pair of boxer shorts. His skin was dark and glistened in the basement’s intense lighting.

The man, probably the member of the Children of Atlantis that Kyle hadn’t met yet, regained his balance. He looked over caught sight of Kyle, considered him for a moment and then gave the tiniest shrug and turned toward his own bedroom door.

The easy dismissal was a little insulting, but he had probably made the correct call. A moment after he found his feet Richard and Amadeus came running out of the bedroom. That wouldn’t have been particularly impressive except that they came through the door at the same time each man turning just enough and bending just right so they never impeded the other. After exiting the room they flowed like water around Bob taking up flanking positions.

For his own part, the Enchanted tried to keep them from boxing him in. He darted for the stairs moving with speed and agility, but not inhuman speed or agility. The bounty hunters were ready for that. Amadeus feinted toward Bob in a move that probably wouldn’t have connected but it was enough to make the man take a step toward Robert who threw a quick light jab without telegraphing it all.

The Enchanted caught it on his shoulder and staggered back ending up squarely between the two bounty hunters again. Amadeus nipped in while the Enchanted was still staggering and shot a kick at his leg. The Enchanted blocked that by kicking up just in time to catch the side of his leg against Amadeus’s. Robert took a step in and shot a blow at the Enchanted while he should have been distracted but this time the tar colored man managed to dodge it. That was somewhat surprising as Kyle would have sworn Robert hadn’t been in his field of vision.

The next few exchanges of the fight went like that. The bounty hunters were wolves, perfectly in sync, perfectly coordinated. They didn’t take any risks as they shot lightning quick jabs and kicks at their cornered prey. The Enchanted was also good. He dodged blows Kyle wouldn’t have seen, and blocked others that would have staggered him, but it wasn’t enough. His blocks were clearly costing him in the form of bruises and slowed reactions, and his dodges left him slightly off balance. The bounty hunters were hurting him more and more with each exchange.

Frankly Kyle was slightly surprised by that. He had expected the Enchanted to have some impressive power set to match his far out looks. However, after a few minutes of fighting, Kyle concluded that whatever the Enchanted could do it didn’t include scuttling up the wall or punching his hand through someone’s chest. Which was really just as well; Kyle wasn’t fond of the bounty hunters yet, but he didn’t want to see them dead.

A couple of times the Enchanted had started to gather some sort of blackness around his hands, but whatever that was it took an instant to fully form and the bounty hunters didn’t give him that time. Whoever was in front of him would jump to the side and whoever was behind would attack throwing him off. It had only been a couple of minutes but the bounty hunters were beginning to win the fight.

And that wasn’t acceptable.

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For some reason I cannot adequately explain, even to myself, I'm trying to write and to write better. So if you like my story let me know. All feedback is appreciated.

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2 comments on “Ch8: Triple Double Agent pt4
  1. DeNarr says:

    Umm, you seem to randomly name the enchanted Bob at some points, without ever actually saying that his name is Bob.

    [After exiting the room they flowed like water around Bob taking up flanking positions.]

    Also, you start calling “Richard” “Robert”

    [Amadeus feinted toward Bob in a move that probably wouldn’t have connected but it was enough to make the man take a step toward Robert who threw a quick light jab without telegraphing it all.]

  2. Chuck A. says:

    Just binge-read up to this point, and I’ve gotta say, Wow, helluva story! Looking forward to what comes next.

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