Ch8: Triple Double Agent pt2

Kyle considered the idea that he didn’t need to run from the Children and found himself slowly beginning to agree. Oddly enough, what most persuaded him was that he was already beginning to think better of them. He simply could not see Lynn hurting… Well he couldn’t see Lynn hurting anyone. Admittedly Lynn was the least threatening of the Children, Lynn or perhaps Fern, but none of them really fit the image Kyle had formed in his head before meeting them.

Still, one thing nagged at him. “Alright, I’m in for now. I’ll put it to Jessie as so as we’re together again and she may want to cancel the operation, but for now I’ll continue. I do have one condition; we can’t tell anyone that the Children caught on to our first plan.”

“What,” Richard asked sounding incredulous.

“We don’t know how the Children found out we were trying to spy on them in the first place. Maybe Jessie does and it has nothing to do with intellectual property bounty hunting, Charles or his organization, or the FBI. Still, until we can confirm that, the most reasonable explanation is that somewhere in all the people that knew about this operation there’s a leak. We’ve got to keep this to ourselves.”

“Oh great! Sure – since we’re running this investigation totally the wrong way we should also keep it secret and not get any sort of approval for our dumb plan. If we look for permission we’ll probably just get fired. This way we can get thrown in jail as well!” Richard sighed loudly and slumped down in his seat.

Amadeus, on the other hand, got a thoughtful look. “You know, you’re probably right. I suppose there’s some sort of security around an operation like this, but it’s probably not Need To Know or anything like that. It’s not as though most criminal organizations have the wherewithal to spy on the FBI. Now, though, we have to assume we may have a leak. It’s the most plausible explanation.”

Richard sighed again.

Amadeus raised his eyebrows and looked at Kyle, “Ignore him. He’s just pissed because he know’s we’re both right but he hates where the logic leads.”

Richard didn’t respond to that, which Kyle took to mean Amadeus was right. He decided to shift the topic somewhat, “Alright, so we assume we can get the Children to trust us and they won’t get all stabby in the meantime. What’s next? How do we use our current situation, and how do we get them to trust us?”

“It’s a shame the original plan didn’t work out. It was a really good plan.”

Kyle drummed his fingers on the seat of the truck, and thought. Now that he was past his initial panic, he could see some advantages to their current situation. He leaned forward and explained his idea.

* * *

It only took them a minute to get back to the Children’s “lair”. This time, Kyle and the bounty hunters walked right through the front door and set about searching the place as though they didn’t have to worry about cameras, or magic, or anything else. Which, really, they didn’t.

The bounty hunters had been enthusiastic about the idea of a search once Kyle had outlined how he thought they could get away with it. He wasn’t entirely certain why. Surely they wouldn’t have blueprints of the book depository sitting out with a giant X on the best sniper position. But Richard and Amadeus thought the Children might have left something useful lying out, and they were the experts.

Sort of.

Fortunately, Kyle’s roll in his plan wasn’t looking. It was complaining. “I’m not sure you should look in there,” Kyle said to Amadeus. He didn’t really need to fake his lack of enthusiasm for the search as the “there” in question was the underwear drawers of one of the girls. Fern, he thought, but the astoundingly racy collection of garments made him wonder if he’d gotten the room mixed up with Jen’s in his head.

The bounty hunters had been turning the Children’s hideout inside out for about 10 minutes by that point. So far they hadn’t found anything, but they seemed to think there was still area to cover and it had been an impressive search in any case. Kyle wondered if the men would be willing to help out the next time he lost his phone.

“That’s why I’ve got to look there! People hide things where you’re not willing, or not likely to look.” Either Amadeus was a better actor than Ivan had been or he was really getting annoyed with Kyle’s nagging. Actually Kyle could see that going either way. A boy named Amadeus had probably done a couple of school plays at some point.

“Either way, I’m pretty sure the spell was innocent. Actually it was a good deed! You’re not going to find anything, so why don’t you go? I’ve got to get back before this becomes suspicious.”

Whatever Amadeus would have said was cut off by a call from the basement, “Guys, you’ve got to come down here and take a look at this!”

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For some reason I cannot adequately explain, even to myself, I'm trying to write and to write better. So if you like my story let me know. All feedback is appreciated.

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