Ch7: Super Spies pt9

Jessie had been hoping the window might open. The building was clearly old. It had probably been constructed before the age of air conditioning. Other, lower and easier to reach, windows had been retrofitted for safety long before, but very few people could reach the one Jessie had jumped up to and no one would do it accidentally.

She flipped the latch and opened the window to its maximum extension. It was big enough that she was able to poke her head and upper body out, supporting herself with her hands on the sill inside the building. From that position Jessie could see why the room she’d been in was an odd shape. It was part of a decorative turret at one corner of the building where it narrowed out between the third and fourth floors. Below her to both sides was a brief, and steeply sloped, section of slate roof. It would be easy to climb out the window, down the side of the building, jump to the roof, and run along it until she found a discreet place to descend to street level.

With that in mind, Jessie boosted herself up and out of the window and began to make her way across the building. At first everything went well. All of the decorative architectural bits on the wall made it as easy to climb as a ladder. Unfortunately, her spell made her hurry and the roof ended up betraying her.

As she was running across it one of the old pieces of slate cracked and shot out from under her. Jessie reacted with superhuman speed and agility, but it didn’t matter. Her weight was on the broken tile. She brought her foot down as fast as possible, but by the time it hit, her body had shifted such that her center of balance wasn’t over the second foot. She let herself collapse to the roof spreading her entire body out to gain as much surface area and thus friction as possible.

That wasn’t enough either; she slid down the roof anyway. She couldn’t arrest her fall until she came off the roof and had a chance to grab its edge as she went over. Worse yet, at that point, someone chose to look up.

“Oh my god! That woman!”

Jessie looked down to find an old man pointing up at her. Great, she thought, now I’m going to end up on YouTube. Kyle will never let me live this down. She let go with one hand and twisted to the side so her body was parallel to the building, kicked hard to propel herself forward, pulled up on the roof, and let go. That movement was enough to send Jessie flipping to the side and down to where a series of faux crenelations crossed the building at the joint between the 2nd and 3rd floors. She twisted in the air so she was facing the building again then shot her hands and feet out catching the crenelations with her feet and rough bricks with her hands. She stuck like she’d been glued there and this time none of her hand holds broke.

“Oh my,” Her watcher on the ground said. There was a quaver in his voice.

Jessie looked down. She was low enough she could have just jumped. However that would have been even more conspicuous than her gymnastics. A normal human might have managed her flips and jumps assuming they were sufficiently insane. Only an Enchanted could count on ignoring a two-story fall. As such, she worked her way across the building by walking on the crenelations then climbed down the decorative stonework at the corner. Jessie wasn’t sure what to call all the decorative bits, but she might have to learn if she was going to keep using them as ladders.

When she reached the ground the old man hurried over to her, “Are you alright? You looked like you fell out that window.”

Jessie scratched nervously at her neck. “Oh, no, it was… um… Parkour.”


“It’s, uh, a French thing where you jump around on buildings.”

The man gave her an offended look, “It doesn’t seem very safe!”

“Oh, well, it just looks like that. It’s fine if you know what you’re doing.” Jessie found herself running her fingers through her hair again and deliberately brought them back down to her waist.

Fortunately, the man seemed convinced. He mumbled something about, “Kids,” and something else about “a pretty young girl of all things,” as he turned to leave.

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For some reason I cannot adequately explain, even to myself, I'm trying to write and to write better. So if you like my story let me know. All feedback is appreciated.

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  1. Dave L says:

    > As she looked at the outside of the building, the reason for the room’s odd shape became apparent. From this position Jessie could see why the room she’d been in was an odd shape.

    There’s a redundancy in these two sentences. It doesn’t seem as smooth as it could be.

    • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

      Ooops, yeah, I was editing and I meant to replace the first sentence with the second, but I slipped up and left both in place.

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