Ch5: Going Undercover pt5

Keeping the wind on Ivan, Kyle backed across the room to the stairway out of the lobby, and up it a few steps to the point that he thought the bear wouldn’t be able to reach him in a single bound. Trying to pass Ivan a message without being obvious about it Kyle called, “Security guard, I’m not really your enemy!”

The bear didn’t relax at all. It roared again, and scrabbled even harder at the floor. It seemed like maybe Ivan wasn’t on the program anymore.

Kyle held the wind on it keeping it pinned in the corner, but that was getting hard. He was running low on magic, and he was starting to feel the burn of a migraine in his head. He needed something more permanent.

With a normal human, Kyle could have used a stun spell, but Ivan was already changing physics with his own magic. Since the spell was already active, and because he didn’t understand it, Kyle would have to fight it with brute force. He would need to use enough magic to cancel out the bear spell. Doing that, he’d be fighting against both Ivan’s spell and the normal rules of reality. Alternately, Kyle could produce energy outside the range of the spell that would carry into it. The first option would be difficult because Ivan had become very good at holding that one spell. The second would be easy enough, but aside from the wind spell, everything Kyle had would involve actually hurting Ivan.

Kyle decided to play for a bit more time. His forth special effect spell, earth, also had a real world effect and, once cast, it took a lot less energy to maintain. Kyle dropped wind. Ivan charged forward crossing the room way faster than such a large animal should have managed. Kyle signed “earth” very very rapidly. The bear reached the foot of the stairs and jumped up. Kyle finished signing. The bear landed, but not quite at Kyle, then slipped back a couple of steps. Kyle threw up his hands and what looked like a stone wall appeared between them.

The bear roared and Kyle breathed a sigh of relief. The stone, like the ice, wasn’t nearly as tough as the real thing. Up close, it didn’t even look a great deal like stone. Whatever strange alternate reality that caused the solid substance to appear resulted in something with the right coloring and texture for rock, but it also had a dull shine to it.

Kyle stood behind the stone breathing heavily for a moment before edging around to where he was standing on the first floor looking out into the lobby. The bear was still clawing madly at his fake wall of rock. The magical construct had several deep gouges out of it. However, it also wasn’t anywhere near giving out. There was probably a couple of feet worth of the substance left where the bear was clawing and the remainder of the structure was unaffected.

The mage’s real worry was that Ivan would start using his head. The man could still get out the front doors of the building, and from there back in through some other rear door. He might even be able to clamber up out of the lobby to the first floor. Kyle didn’t know how far a bear could jump, probably not far given the bulk of the beast, but if it started thinking it would be able to drag one of the chairs that had been scattered around the lobby over and stand on it to scramble up and over the low wall that separated the open part of the first floor from the lobby it overlooked. It wasn’t far at all, perhaps 9 feet from the top of the wall along the first floor to the floor of the lobby.

The bear roared loudly again and took another swipe at the magical rock. Kyle considered his options. He could just run up to the third floor, do his business with the research there, and hope Ivan didn’t wise up enough to make himself into a problem. That was a nice plan in so far as it didn’t involve fighting an angry bear. The down side was he might still end up fighting an angry bear and the bear would have the element of surprise. Alternately, he could scratch the entire operation, but would they get a second chance? It seemed unlikely.

Then the red light next to Kyle’s head winked out. Jessie had killed the security system. Finally! Kyle suddenly had one more option, he could talk to the big dumb brute.

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For some reason I cannot adequately explain, even to myself, I'm trying to write and to write better. So if you like my story let me know. All feedback is appreciated.

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3 comments on “Ch5: Going Undercover pt5
  1. Thaumaturgical_Support says:

    Sorry it’s such a short one today. It started out longer but not-so-good.

  2. Glynn says:

    I’ve finally caught up! It’s been a great ride, so thanks!

    You wanted feedback, so here’s my advice: I think you could improve your writing dramatically just by eliminating two words: “sort of”.

    They tend to crop up when you’re describing physical actions, and in most of the cases I’ve noticed since I started paying attention you could just delete those two words, not change the description at all and it would be better. Every time they pop up it destroys my immersion in your description. It suggests you don’t really know what you’re describing, but actually your descriptions are usually really good!

    That aside I really enjoy your story, you’ve got some amazing ideas, your female character is active and interesting and you seem to work hard to do intelligent things consistent with the universe you created. Nice one!

    • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

      Thanks for the feedback! It touches on something I’ve noticed about my writing; I equivocate a lot. Getting rid of sort ofs might well be the right place to cut down on that.

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