Ch5: Going Undercover pt2

As Kyle walked across the street, Jessie climbed back up the wall she’d just come down after her scouting. The bricks were fairly normal, allowing providing only little quarter inch finger holds. But, of course, she was running her combat spell so her fingers were strong enough that such a hold was as good as the rung of a ladder to her. By the time Kyle was across the street she was on the top of the building watching him.

He was impressive. He’d sucked in enough power earlier that his skin glowed slightly making him look like some sort of spirit rather than a normal man. He held himself with confidence and practically strutted as he closed the last few steps to the door. It was kind of cocky but also kind of sexy.

She mentally decided she’d never share that thought with Kyle.

He lifted a single glowing finger and wrote something in the air. Much of it was hidden, and what she could see looked like equations business majors didn’t normally deal with. Oh, now there was a freaky idea, could the equations of economics or interest accumulation be changed with magic? Probably not without mind control, but she’d still have to ask later.

Sadly, the spell wasn’t glowy. That would have made for better TV, but when it hit the door the metal started to dissolve into what looked like a white gas. The white cloud rolled away from the doors in the wind and then they fell apart with a crash of glass.

Kyle took a deep breath and then strode forward through the wreckage of the door. After a moment, he was lost to Jessie’s senses inside the still dark research building.

Jessie glanced down at her watch. It had been about five minutes since she had talked to Kyle, so she should start for the back. With any luck, Ivan would already be engaging Kyle in the lobby.

She set off across the roof of the building in the super powered equivalent of a jog, which was to say a series of bounding leaps that covered a good 9 feet per jump. That carried her to the far side of the roof in a few seconds. There she hurled herself into space, falling a ten feet and crossing 8 yards to a branch in a nearby pinetree. She bounded branch to branch down the tree landing in the yard on the west side of both the building she’d just been on and the research building.

There she was forced to walk down the street in the open, which meant moving like a normal human. That was impossibly dull, fortunately it was only a few hundred feet until she was behind the Research building next to the fenced in back lot that occupied a large area on its south side.

Once there, and standing in an area she knew wasn’t covered by the external security cameras, she sprinted at the fence and ran 4 steps up it parkour style. That wasn’t enough to get her clear over it. However, just before gravity realized it had been tricked, she leaned forward, grabbed the top bar of the fence, and flipped herself over in a maneuver that would have earned her at least 9 points even from the Russian judge if she’d been in the Olympics.

Well, if they let enchanted play, which they didn’t. Magic was considered a class of performance enhancement. Which was, Jessie decided, a real shame. The Olympics would be a lot more interesting if it was stuffed full of mythological monsters. They could be Greek monsters if it would make people feel better…

She landed on the other side and darted from shadow to shadow as she crossed the back lot. She might be in a frame or two of film, but she doubted she’d be recognizable. Not that it exactly mattered. Like Kyle, she had motivation to attack the Archmagi and having her face splattered across the news would just enhance her credibility with the Children. She was mostly being stealthy because that’s what her spell wanted.

She reached the door by the loading dock, braced her feet against the wall of the building and strained with her entire enhanced strength. For a long moment nothing happened. Her body burned sugar like rocket fuel. A cloud of sweet astringency rolled up around her. Her muscles shook, and her vision started to collapse in on itself in a tunnel. Then the door frame gave way with a shriek of metal. Or, rather, the part of the frame that had held the deadbolt in place ripped loose from the concrete it was set in, bent outward, and let the bolt free.

Weak, Jessie thought. They should get one of those magnetic things. Properly mounted you needed heavy hydraulics to rip those lose. A little tidbit she’d picked up bounty hunting.

Once inside the building she walked rapidly down the the security office, ripped the nob off that door, and stepped inside. There she set about looking for the security monitors.

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For some reason I cannot adequately explain, even to myself, I'm trying to write and to write better. So if you like my story let me know. All feedback is appreciated.

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