This is not a post of the story. The story ended in the last update. Hopefully that was obvious. If not, sorry for being too abrupt! 😉 If you’d like to know what I plan to do next, I updated the very first post of the serial with that information a while back. This will probably be my last top level post to the page; starter serials rides off into the night a little less than two weeks from now and before it does that I’d like to thank a few people.

First of all, thanks to Drew Hayes for putting this site together. When he announced that he was going to give this project a shot I was working as a professional web programmer. I probably could have re-implemented wordpress from the ground up in any of three different languages, but I was still probably one of the first to e-mail him saying I’d like a slot here. I was burnt out on web programming, and I just didn’t have the mojo to hack code all day and then come home and do yet more of it. So thanks for giving me the goose I needed to try this out and realize how much I liked it.

Second, thanks to all the people who’ve pointed out my spelling and grammatical errors over the course of the story. I hope this was never obvious, but I’m dyslexic. Those of you who have sharp eyes simply read in a way I can’t, and the errors you caught improved the story for everyone. I’m sorry you had to see those but you made the story a lot more enjoyable for a lot of other people.

Third, thanks to the people who’ve voted, linked, reviewed, and otherwise gotten word about the story out there. For the longest time I checked the page-views for this site like once an hour. I would have checked it more, but I made myself stop; I didn’t want to be obsessive! Back in the early days, I could watch each individual post pick up one more view in sequence and I’d know someone was reading up the archive. That thrilled me, and it thrilled me even more when we started getting too many views for me to sort out individual readers. Thanks so much for contributing to that.

Fourth, thanks to my friends and family who’ve read the story, and thanks to my friends and family who don’t! It probably seems odd to thank people for not reading the story, but I have a reason for doing it. Out of everyone I know who I’ve told about this project only my mother and father actually read. I don’t even think they’re read all the way up to the end. Maybe mom is. Hi mom! My other friends (in addition to being great people), by not reading, have convinced me that the people who do read must actually be enjoying themselves. I appreciate you for not humoring me – though logically speaking you’ll never see this. Heh

Which, of course, brings me to thanking everyone who’s read the story. In my bio, I said I don’t know why I write, and that may have been true when I wrote it, but it no longer is. Writing something like this communicates more than just the story itself. There’s a world view, or at least a big chunk of one, in this text. It’s subtle, and what you take from it is plastic, but it’s also really there. I know it is because this narrative has drawn in a group of people who seem to share some of that world view. It’s been a blast getting to know you all, (even if all I ever did was saw your page views) and really that’s what writing is all about: reaching out. Reaching out works a lot better when you find someone after you’ve reached.

So thanks everyone, you’ve made this a tremendous experience. I hope you enjoyed my story.

Ch 11: A Plan Comes Together pt5

For some reason I cannot adequately explain, even to myself, I'm trying to write and to write better. So if you like my story let me know. All feedback is appreciated.

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7 comments on “Acknowledgments
  1. Bart says:

    That ending did feel a little abrupt. Was he offering her a job or is now a housewife (houseninja, in this case)?

    • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

      I can see how that would be confusing.

      So, about a year ago (both real time and story time) Jessie managed some win for K&J and Kyle offered to make her VP of marketing. Of course, they were the only two people working for the company at that time and he couldn’t give her a raise so it was going to suspiciously like not changing her job at all.

      Now, however, K&J has unlimited seed capital from the Archmagi because they want to use the company to distribute new illusion spells. They’re doing this so demand for those spells doesn’t climb too high causing more R&D money to flow to development of light spells resulting in a broad scale discovery of Lux. At this point I see K&J as a rapidly growing local firm < 100 employees total, but certainly capable of giving employee number 2 a raise if the owner thinks that's what should happen.

      Jessie isn't certain she wants to take that job either. They both feel slightly intimidated by the top flight talent the Archmagi have brought in to run the business while Kyle was away.

      In retrospect perhaps I should have done a scene (or the scene from the last update) at the new corporate headquarters rather than at Kyle's apartment. It would have let me give an update on the company, and slowed the pacing down just a bit. Oh well, for the rewrite!

      As to Kyle and Jessie's relationship; too early to tell. Things are going well, but really they've only just started dating.

  2. Lucie says:


    It’s me. Your long lost Starter Serial Lost Dogs companion.

    AMAZING! A massive congratulations on finishing your story. Huzzah! Parade starts here.

    Very best,


  3. Sebastián says:

    oh it’s over 🙁
    Thanks for writing this piece, it really scratched an itch I didn’t even know I had. Technology + magic? who would have thought those two things mixed so well?

    I particularly like how mundane everything was portrayed in this story. Magic was both esoteric and available to everyone, kinda like electronics is now, and that was really the strong point of this story. Autocasters, magic assembly lines, casual mentions about a history that was similar to our world but which had magic in it, it all served to create a very fleshed out world that made it very easy to inmerse yourself in it.
    My only complaint about the story is that the second half seemed a bit inferior to the first one, the plot seemed more rushed and the ending was quite abrupt, and it was never really clear what the antagonist’s objective was. What was that facility about? what would he gain by blowing it up? was he really after the archmages or was he just manipulating the children by adopting their enemies?
    But those are good questions and a book doesn’t have to be crystal clear so I can live with that.
    I really hope you can make it on the realm of professional writing and I’ll be waiting to see your title on amazon!


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