One Year of Starter Serials! (And the New System For Abandoned Serials)

Guess what everyone? Starter Serials has been going strong for almost a year now! (Confetti falls from ceiling, gets in the punch bowl and people’s eyes… basically just ruins everything) It’s been awesome to see the serials people came forward with grow over time, with some people even enjoying the process so much that they branched out on their own. A big congratulations to everyone who is also celebrating the 1st year anniversary of their individual serials, and to the others still working their way there, keep at it and you can do it!

However, amidst all the celebration of this milestone, it also signifies that a time has come to deal with one of the unpleasant realities of web-serials: the abandoned projects. Amidst the several we have going strong, there are also some whose work came to an end. And, to be clear, that’s completely okay. Starter Serials is a place where people can try out web-serials, seeing if it’s a good fit for them. Like any art form, it won’t be right for everyone. But now that we’ve been here for a year, it’s time to start sweeping away the abandoned to make room for the new.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Starter Serials Staff will be going through all the serials to see which ones have been abandoned. To make the criteria transparent, if a serial has missed three consecutive updates without any explanation, it will be considered to be abandoned. If the author put up a post explaining why (life got in the way, family issues, etc) then it will be marked on hiatus, assuming no more than two months have passed since the last update.

As for those who graduated out of Starter Serials, moving on to start your own sites, congratulations! Ultimately that’s what we hope everyone does eventually, falling so in love with the medium that they decide to create their own. Those will be marked as “migrated” to denote that the work continues, just not here.

All of the above categories will be shuffled about, though, moving them to an area of their own in order to shine more light on those who are still updating. While we waited for the first year to pass before implementing this system, we plan to do these cleanings once every six months or so, just to make sure new readers can know at a glance which serials are still ongoing, and which had a limited run.

Congratulations again on making it a full year, here’s to hoping the next one sees even more amazing serials joining our ranks!

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2 comments on “One Year of Starter Serials! (And the New System For Abandoned Serials)
  1. sercan says:

    I hope you can also make a calendar or at least some memos like 1 chaper per month etc.

    Also a page with all serials listed with current status (like, going on, hiatus, got his own site with blackjack and hookers ) and little tags woul be awesome. Otherwise it sometimes get a little tiresome.

    Since I am a newly reader in this project I might have missed some stuff.

    • Curator says:

      So far as the schedule goes, all serials are required to have their posting schedule listed in their front pages, which should say when updates are expected. The Serials page has been updated as of yesterday to reflect the new statuses of all current serials. They are listed under Active, Abandoned, and Migrated, respectively.

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