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Let’s talk about web-serials, shall we? Web-serials are, in the most basic of terms, novels or stories that update in increments on a set schedule. Sometimes these increments are chapters, sometimes merely a set amount of words, sometimes as small as a single page. If it helps, think of them as web-comics without all those awesome drawings. Though originally cast to far reaches and niches of the internet, over recent years web-serials have bloomed in their own right, with many gifted authors starting projects and a few even finding (gasp) some commercial success. As a medium, they offer a unique opportunity to create works and engage with readers.

Of course, the problem with web-serials is built right into the name: web-serials. In order to produce one, the author must not only be a writer but also has to set-up a site, learn about hosting and maintenance, pay start-up fees, and deal with all other manner of time-consuming efforts that have nothing to do with putting words on the screen. There are easy options available; however, these have been hallmarked by very limited functionality and often unappealing displays. The choice has always been to accept the low-maintenance option and have a lackluster site, or to undertake the chores and cost of setting up something exceptional.

As of July, there is now a third option. is a site with a single purpose: to make it easy for authors to start their web-serial without having to choose between ease and appeal. There is no monetary cost, no lessons on hosting, no domain registration, none of it. Just submit, get approved, and begin.

On top of just simplicity, is about new web-serial authors learning about the process, making their early mistakes (because we all make a few) in a safe environment with a community for support. Established authors will be volunteering their time as Mentors: offering guidance, writing blogs, and answering questions as they arise. Problems and challenges are inherent to the task of running a web-serial, but the writers won’t be facing them alone.

So if you’re an author, head to the site and send us a submission; join the incredibly talented people already writing. If you’re a reader then make sure you bookmark it, because come July there will be an explosion of exceptional content. New Authors, Great Stories.

One Year of Starter Serials! (And the New System For Abandoned Serials)
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