Fallowfell; Second Semester – Chapter 6



Simultaneously As Erim Yazar Is About To Be Threathened



I walk out of Ochre, somewhat relieved that I have survived my first day. I spot Shirin, Amanda and Stella walking with great determination towards the Crimson Bridge. Maybe they’re about to go shopping, or something?



I tug on the lapels of my coat, righten my beanie, and start the trek, and its a trek, not a walk, home. This season, I think, is something of a paradox when it comes to colors. In the middle of the day the sun will shine on the snow, making it almost dangerously bright, while sometime around two or three, the sun will set, casting Fallowfell in gloom and darkness.



“… Rune!” I turn to Elena, who catches up with me at the Crimson Bridge, red spots on her cheeks from the exertion of running through the cold. “Sup?” “Oh nothing”, she says in that tone I know well to distrust. “If you got nothing to say, then why am I still standing still?” The response to my question is a mischevious smile. “Alright, you got me. I want to talk”, she adds, glancing around as if to make sure that nobody is around,” about something… secret.”



“Evers”, I ask. “Evers”, she decides.





Some minutes later, having made the ardouous (yeah, I knows them big words, eh) journey to Evers and equipped ourselves with fika we sit down. Remember, it’s not proper fika if the sugary treat in front of you cannot induce diabetus.



“Rune, do you believe in the supernatural?” “No I don’t”, I answer truthfully. I know that the supernatural is real, albeit not in the sense most people think. That is knowledge, not belief. /That was a very pointed question, yes?/ You’re saying I should change the subject? /That would be wise./ “Hmm, what do you think of the new guy? And what kind of fucking look was that he gave Nevena?”



Elena shrugs. “I didn’t see the look he gave Nevena. And I think it is too early to tell what kind of guy he is, I mean, it’s been one day”, she says, quickly, before continuing, ” I think that people see only the surface of things. It’s like that iceberg-principle. You see the top floating, and you never question what’s beneath the waters”, Elena adds with a flourish. I am beginning to feel uneasy. At first glance, her comment could be seen to refer to Erim, but look at it again, and it can be refered to me, Hermann and supernaturals in general.



/Act natural./ I laugh, a sound that comes out more like a giggle, than a true laugh. /Natural Rune, natural./ “Next you’re going to tell me that 9/11 was staged by the freaking Illuminati or something”, I state with levity. /This has gone too far. Say that Hermann is calling, make an excuse and leave./ Elena remains silent, staring inscrutably at me. I take up my phone and school my features as in surprise (thanks for the lessons Isocrates). “Huh. Hermann want me to come over”, I say, hurried.



I get up–
— and Elena grips my wrist. “I know, Rune. I know that Greyscale is something larger than a skyskraper. I know that Hermann is a young Arabic man. I know that Fallowfell are filled with impossible being. And…” her voice wavers,” I know that you’re not completely human.”



I sit down, feeling my thought spinning out of control. Verde?/I know what you are thinking and I do not know. Leave now, and she might make a scene. As for telling her… I simply do not know./ Big help there. “I… am not going to deny anything you’ve said, nor am I going confirm. But who told you this?”



“It started when Helena Gravsten shot me…” Elena tells me a story about a place where those that aren’t dead nor alive come to stay, where she spent a long time waiting, and when a Greek woman gave her magic. The last part startles me. I breathe deeply, and I can confirm it. It was there all the time, but I managed to miss it. Elena’s magic… rather than smells, I think of a court, and a judge proclaiming truth. “So your magic…. what, it allows you to see supernaturals as they truly are”, I state a bit incredulous. Elena might not be able to throw a car or shapeshift, but damn if that isn’t a weapon. She nods.



There is a question hanging between us.But… surely the Council can’t fault me for telling a magic-user the truth? And so I tell her about the barrowman. About Helena Gravsten’s quest for revenge that morphed into something else entirely. About black blood, and a big green dragon inside my soul. “So…. let me see if get this straight… you have part of a soul inside you, the part of a great dragon, which grants you powers and make you all scaly?” “Let me see if I get this straight”, I mimick,” you got your powers from a Greek ghost, and all you can do is to see?”



We stare at each other, before our discussion ends in laughter. “I… I thought I was going insane. That just about any time, someone would wake me up, and I’d be in straightjacket”, Elena summarizes in a haunted voice. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have these abilities that I have, without the support of Hermann or Greyscale. Like walking over a milimetre thin bridge, in the black of night, with monsters at each side.


“I have told you what I can do, but what specifically can you do?” I list the things I have discovered; pulling attributes from Verde, the healing, the temporary density of muscles, the heightened senses. “And all I got was sight”, Elena mutters in disgust, in a ironical echo of what I usually say when I see Kai or Stella use their magic. I shake my head, understanding finally setting in. In the right hands…. Elena’s powers could be extremly dangerous.




“Now”, I begin, ” you need to know about the Council and what we can, and more importantly, what we cannot do…”

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