Fallowfell; Second Semester Chapter – 42

Rune Fallowfell, The Liar


“Could I talk to you for a second?” I pause at my locker, having taken out some textbooks meant for homework. Nevena’s question seems to come out of nowhere. We have since our break-up spent as much time as possible away from each other, a silent truce of sorts, which isn’t exactly easy when you have the same classes, the same schedule.


Sara gives me a look, as if to say, “I’ll be in the vicinity”, and quietly removes her person. “Sure”, I eventually say, in response to Nevena’s question. I take out the last of my textbooks and place them in my bag, soon following her around one of Ochre’s many corners.


“Have you thought about sophomore year? I can’t decide between Languages and Behavorial Science myself”, Nevena states. I blink at the question./ It’s an opening gambit. You cannot just go up to a person and ask them whatever is on your mind. She’s easing you into it./ Ah, should have seen that.


“Honestly? I haven’t thought about it that much”, I slow my speech down, glancing around for normals,” with everything else going around. But I think I am going to choose Social Studies. I don’t know what I want to do after the gymnasium, so the option that affords me the most choices seem the best, you know?” Nevena nods her assent.



“And you’re well?” I shrug, not too sure as to what it is that she is asking. “I am as good as I am going to get, with him being here”, I respond. “And Sara?” /Rune?/ What, Verde?/ I think she is jealous./ Don’t be ridiculous. We’re not even together anymore. She can’t be jealous of me then. It isn’t logical. /Oh boy, if you think there is anything logical to relations or women for that matter, you’re in for it./


“What is wrong with Sara?” I question.



Nevena raises her hands in a defensive motion. “There is nothing wrong with her. Just noticed that you’re hanging out.” A pause. “Alot”, she adds. There is a sudden silence between us, a silence where I decide what to do, what to say. “We’re friends, I guess.”


“You guess?” There is a hint of something in her tone. Her eye-brows arch, and I don’t think I am imagining the spark in her golden eyes as the temperature picks up. “Rune”, Sara calls from around the corner, having obviously felt my distress. “I am coming”, I respond, before turning to Nevena. ” I have got to go”, I say, before finally running away.






“So, are we going to talk about what just happened?” Elena’s baby blue eyes zero in on my discomfort.
I stop trying to shove meatloaf into my mouth. “Talk about…?” I trail off. Elena sighs. “We are going to talk about that, what’s the word, yes, fracas you and Nevena had, and the reason behind it.”


“Fracas”, I say somewhat miffed. “A bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think?” Elena stares at me. “No, I don’t think I am exaggerating. A couple of more minutes”, Elena glances around the cafeteria to ensure that nobody is listening,” and she would have turned up the heat in that conversation, if you feel me?”



I admire a piece of bacon that envelopes my meatloaf. “Yea, I feel you”, I say, “I feel you alright.” “Spill it”, Elena admonishes me. /Rune, whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not tell her the truth./ Easy for you say. I need something believeable to tell her./How about… did she not tell you once how opposites attract?/ That seems kinda shallow, not to mention coming from out of the blue./ Then you have a better idea?/


I clear my throat.”You once told me that there are two types of relationships. The first, where two people are similar and so they share their dislikes and interests, and because of this, they have a good reason for being together. Then there is the second type of relationship, where two wholly different people are attracted to each other, and because they are both attracted to one another’s differences, it works out.”


Elena arches one eye-brow. “So you’re attracted to Sara Eksjö?” Verde? /Yes?/ Do that thing where you take control of my body and lie convincingly. /Are you certain?/ Yes! I feel my lips move without my conscious control and I speak, which is an experience I’d like to add under the Never-Again list. “I am attracted to Sara Eksjö”, I say, and then Verde relinquishes the control over my body.


Elena stares at me for some time. “Hah, you almost had me there for a second”, she jokes and my confidence plummets. She continues to speak.”I think you’re lying to me. And you lying to me? It has to do with the fact that I can see a link of metal connecting your head to Sara’s. So, once more, spill it!” The last part of the sentence is delivered with force.


Verde?/ I can see no other option than to tell her the truth.You blew it when you lost your poker-face. Also she can see the magic between the two of you and she won’t give up until she knows the reason why it exist./ “So you remember when Tam Linn attacked me?” Elena nods. “Well, I…” and so I tell her the whole story, ending it with,”and so Perenelle used my blood to heal Sara, which created the connection between the two of us.” She gives me a dark look. “That ultimatum…. you should have told me. And Hermann, not to mention Greyscale. Instead you came up with this crazy plan to train, involving a guy who once fought with one of the Branch-Chiefs and Perenelle fucking Flamel.” Is that hurt I hear in her voice?



“Elena, I-” She stands suddenly. “No I can’t believe you.” The rest of the people sitting in the cafeteria are all looking at us./ She is making a scene./ Thank you for your deep insights! “Elena”, I begin as she makes a move to run. I seize one arm. “Don’t”, I find myself saying. “Don’t tell anyone”, I continue to say. I look deep into her eyes. “Please.”

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  1. bob says:

    Really enjoying story. Semester 1 was fantastic.

    • Sebastian says:

      Thanks! I sometimes wonder if Semester 2 isn’t as good as Semester 1 with my sparetime being spent studying and everything else, but the story is bigger this time, which have caused me some difficulties. Still, happy that you like it

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