Fallowfell; Second Semester Chapter – 17

The Ache

Two days after the party


“I think your party was a marvelous success.” I stare, incredulous, at the screen of my laptop, the screen currently filled with Elena’s smiling visage. I strive for a neutral, moderate tone when I ask, “what part of it was a success?”
I continue. “Pontus bringing in Erim into my apartment”, I stress the word ‘my’,” Pontus getting drunk on that shine that Amina brought and getting down on his knees and proposing to Hannah, Pontus vomiting all over my bed- is that the success you’re talking about? It took me”, and now my voice tone has gone from neutral to angry to pissed,” four hours to remove all the vomit”, I mutter.


Elena leans back in the chair she is occupying. She is in Stockholm to “improve my wardrobe”, to use her own words, hence our current method of communication. “Right”, she says eventually. “It could’ve gone better. But”, she says, clearing grasping at straws, “you atleast got to talk to Nevena-“click. I terminate the call. She just had to bring that up, did she? /Coward./ I don’t respond to Verde’s taunt. After all, it is hard to deny the truth.


I grab a textbook on English folklore and start to read about faeries. Gomagog has given us five pages to write this week, and the last thing I want to do is to upset that man. Although I think to myself as I flip a page, he is hardly a man, is he now?





Three hours, two cups of tea and some frantic hair-pulling later, and my essay is done. I am not going to win the Nobel prize with this one, but it’s good enough to get a passing grade. I fiddle with my thumbs. Because of Pontus’ vomiting act, I have already cleaned the apartment. And now I have done my homework. Crap, without nothing to do, and thanks to Elena’s reminder I have no choice but to remember.



I am standing on the balcony, two days prior. The party is in full swing behind me. Amina has showed the others a dance where you kick the floor with one leg as you raise your other leg above your head, and well, the drunkards of 1A seem to think that is a good idea. Me? I am standing on the balcony and the only thing I am trying to drink is the calm.



The door opens, and then is shut promptly as someone screams that it is getting cold. I turn and freeze. It’s Nevena. She tucks a strand of hair behind one ear. “Hey”. “Hi”, I respond. She grips the railings of the balcony and looks out over Fallowfell. “That’s some view you got here”, Nevena says, as if trying out the word. “Sure is”, I voice out loud. Why can’t…. why can’t I say something witty, something to get the conversation started?



“Rune, we need to talk.” She says that, but in the following seconds she talks, while I remain silent. She tells me that she wants a clean break. That the feelings she has are all tangled up. That this is better for the two of us. Then she flees. And I stand there, on a lonely balcony on a cold January night and I cry.



I blink, back in the present. Girls, huh?Screw girls. Who needs them anyway? I grab some running gear and in minutes I am out in the forest. This is where I belong. This is where I can be myself. I pull several strains from Verde and I run, just for the sake of it.





A forty minute interval later and I pause. My sight is blurry, I feel like I am going to cough up my heart and I can taste blood in my mouth. But atleast I am not thinking. /Rune, where are we?/ I glance around; snow, pines and more snow. Mountains rise in the background and the moon is a crescent. We’re… erhm… we’re.../Lost, we are lost./ Oh, this day couldn’t have gone any better./What about your phone?/ I pat myself down. Dammit,left it at home.


I start to jog in attempt to retain heat. /What do we do?!/ How the hell am I supposed to know?! You’re the one with three millenia worth of memories!/ And did it ever occur to you that while I have those memories, I am still a newborn?/ Verde… I… I soon realize that Verde is blocking my attempts to talk. I take it back what I said about this day not getting any worse. It seems it could.



I jog, then walk some, then jog again. How fast was I going? Depending on my speed, I could be in the high mountains, or perhaps I have crossed into Norway. I could- a figure crosses the sky, seemingly flying. /I do not believe my eyes./ I forget my spat with Verde, too busy to identify the individual. That’s Jan Hass. I rub my eyes, taking in his retreating form. He is flying! /What are you doing? After him!/



I pull on speed and rush after him. When did he learn to fly? Half a year ago, he couldn’t. Then he smelled like normal, average human. Now– I breathe in, he smells like magic. Like earth and tea mixed up with his previous scent.Do people’s scents ever change? /Yours have. The newly changed vampires does. Only… only someone who has undergone a transformation into a supernatural will./



After maybe an hour we reach a part of the forest around Fallowfell that I actually recognize, and I slow down. I make solemn vow to never ever getting lost to the forest again. /Hermann and Greyscale needs to be told about this development./ But we’ll keep the part about us getting lost out if it?/Agreed./

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  1. Sebastian says:

    DeNarr, I have removed the previous version of this chapter and added this one, which in my browser seems to be working fine?

  2. Evan says:

    Hi, I enjoy your writing.

    I noticed the link to Chapter 18 doesn’t work (it point to the Fallowfell serial start page).

    • Sebastian says:

      I have deleted and readded a new version of chapter 18. Odd how both of them are have been linked wrong. Anyhow, chapter 18 is a dozy, and one of my favorites so far.

    • Sebastian says:

      It makes me happy though, that you like Fallowfell. And the new link should be working

  3. Thaumaturgical_Support says:

    Good update. I’m late getting to it because they had starter serials blocked at work, but I quite enjoyed the girl trouble and I think Rune’s personality is coming through more clearly. One minor thing, if he’s in the snow shouldn’t he be able to see his footprints? Maybe he freaked out and forgot to look.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. No, seriously, keep it up! If you leave I’ll be all alone here. 🙁

    • Sebastian says:

      Leave? Oh never, I have four more volumes and additional extra-stories in Fallowfell alone, I and am currently working on a Secondary Fantasy world for a another story later on. In total, it would not surprise me if the Fallowfell Saga ends up at something close to half a million words.
      Argh, should have spotted that detail about the snow. Continuity errors will be the bane of my existence. As I wrote more, this will become much more of a issue. Hmm, I will have to think about it.
      I have to say that I feel a certain envy about your serial. It’s up there with Citadel, The Monster They Deserve, Twisted Cogs and The Gods Are Bastards and the other really good ones. Given some minor editing and you could possible be in the same league as Wildbow.

      • Thaumaturgical_Support says:

        Sorry to take so long to reply, hopefully you’ll still see this.

        It’s good to hear there’s so much Fallowfell left. 🙂 I don’t think I’ve got that many ideas for my story.

        I don’t think I could get to Wildbow levels, that guy is doing seriously well! FWIW I think most of my readers came in from Reddit one way or another. There’s one group for fiction similar to what I write here, and I got quite a lot of traffic off of that. Then there’s a second group that I write for occasionally and a bunch of people came in from there as well.

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