Fallowfell – Epilogue#2

Greyscale’s Gambit


Outside the city of Fallowfell are three Places of Power. They’re not unique; you can find them in every country, in lakes and cliffs, in deserts and mountain, the swamps and bogs and lakes. The first such place is a mountain, the second is Fenner Bog, in which Mizu resides, and the third is a overgrown thicket, where Greyscale placed the White Casket.


At first, the White Casket just sat there, deep in the ground, deep in soil saturated by magic. Then it started to crack over weeks. Tendrils made their way through these newly formed cracks. These very tendrils grew in length and width, sending the shards of the White Casket, the shards of the bones of the wyrm Fafnir through the fertile ground.
When it had finally discarded the protective cage, it bowed, upwards, towards the surface. Had anyone been looking, not that anyone was looking, they would have seen a yew rising from the ground, growing with a speed to startle the mind. They would have remarked on not only the speed with which it grew, but its color, a deep dark one.



A curious squirrel made its way to the newgrown tree, and not knowing better, jumped up its trunk–
–and down on unfamiliar ground. The squirrel paused, confused. The grass on the ground had changed. It turned small black eyes up, seeing a sky of strange stars. On the horizont, the squirrel could make out a tree that pierced the heavens.


For the Seed tha Greyscale planted in outmost secrecy was no ordinary Seed, but a Seed of Yggdrassil, a Seed of a World-Tree…..

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4 comments on “Fallowfell – Epilogue#2
  1. DeNarr says:

    So when does the next book pop up anyways?

    • Sebastian says:

      I intend to have the first short-story up before or at/around the 25th. Two more short-stories will follow it, one written from Elena’s POV, and a new and rather exciting POV. I haven’t decided for a schedule for those two other short-stories yet, but I want to start with book 2. I am going to introduce an antagonist that is so, so much fun to write

      • SadCat says:

        Looking forward to read more. Thanks for telling me your story. SadCat

        • Sebastian says:

          I am happy that you like the story so far. I am still somewhat surprised that people actually read what I write. It’s a surreal feeling.

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