Fallowfell – Chapter 13

The Raper


It is awoken by a harsh light. “Wakey, wakey.” The Master’s voice blasts through Its mind, urging It to walk once more. It gets up, and out of the coffin. The sudden light is too sharp, and It puts up a hand to shield Itself. It slowly becomes acclimatized to the discordant glare and looks at the Master. When the Master had… had collected It, It had been preoccupied with the sensations of the world, and hadn’t been able to get a look at the Master.



But I have not that problem now. It inspects the Master. She is short, with hair like a boy, and eyes the color of the northern mountains. It nods. “Come. We need to prepare for tomorrow.” It walks after her. Tomorrow? It’s first urge is to ask more questions, but the weeks It spent in the coffin has taught It the meaning of silence. One day, little girl, we shall have a conversation. And you will not like it. Truly- once we’ve had that conversation, you’ll never like anything, again.



They walk through the room of the coffin, up a stair made from the same white material. On an impulse, It puts one hand against the stair, and inhales deeply. This material is of the earth, and yet not. How can this be..? “Are you coming?” “Yes Master.”



It follows the Master through a room that holds several several strange… artifacts; a table made from iron, illuminated by a crown of light chained to the ceiling. The room appears to be built around a square object, as thin as a piece of cloth. “Master?” “Yea?” “What is that item?” She laughs. “It’s a tv, a screen.” “What does it do?” “It shows pictures of things. Things that are happening right, things that are recorded.” It nods again. Like one of the Seeing Orbs of Old. It doesn’t however mention that.



The Master ignores It and starts to walk up to the upper plane of the domicile. It follows. Midstep on the stairway It feels something. A sense of recognition. Kinship. It follows that sensation down and into a room that glists with more metal and granite.



Three people sit in the room around a table. A young boy with black hair and a countenance that mirrors the Master. Two people- a man and a woman sit to the left respective right of him. The woman is tall, as tall as It, if not taller. She has skin the color of dark oak, and hair like night. The man to the right of the boy is the color of snow with hair of a burnished brown. All three of them stare at him with empty eyes. Hollow eyes, eyes devoid of emotion, dead eyes.


It takes a moment for It to place the emotion It is feeling. The emotion is one It has rarely felt in the centuries of It’s existence. Disgust. What are you doing? Come.



Following the command, It finds the Master on the upper plane, tinkering with a black… box. The upper plane, or atleast the room they are in, is built like a circle, with another… another screen against one wall, and windows on both sides. “Hah! Got it!”, the Master exclaim.

The blacken-box starts to hum. The strange artifact fires a lance of light at the.. at the screen, and a man appears. It inspects the man- a young man with hair like blood and blue eyes. “Who is that?”



” Master”, it adds after a insubordinate heartbeat. “That, my not so little friend, is your first victim.” The Master thinks.” You know, I once read that the Vikings would hang a man and then tear his chest open while he was still alive. Is that true?” “Yes Master, the bloody-eagle, it was called.” Her lips form a smile which doesn’t reach her eyes.”I want you to do that to him.” It nods. “Anyhow, I have brought you here today so that we can prepare.” She brings up a sack made of a breezy material. She opens it and takes out several items. A tunica with a hood, black trousers, a strange third item which it cannot identify. She throws the tunica and trousers at It. “Wear them.”




It rips of the strange clothes it is currently wearing in a smooth move and takes the clothes, which looks like something a miser would wear. The Master inspects It. “Good. But you will need a finish, of sorts.” She takes the third item, and places the item on It’s nose. Suddenly It sees the world through shades of darkness. “These are called glasses- and they will cover your face. They will make it harder for the police to catch us.” “The police?” The Master pauses. “The guard of the city you might say.”



She takes out a fourth item, a square artifact, similar to the one she is holding. “This is a cell-phone. Take it.” It grasps the phone in a hand colored blue. The artifact vibrates and moves, like a snake. It looks at the Master. “Put one finger on the screen of the phone and swipe to the left.” It does so. A text appears; Hello. “I will write to you when it’s time. At that time you are to follow my instructions to the letter.”



She gestures at the screen. “Memorize his face.” It looks once more, but with great intent at the young man. “Now for the second part.” She takes out a small square device, similar to the ‘phone’ but longer and does something. Click. The ‘screen’ now shows a red building instead.






“This is the school of Fallowfell, Ochre, where you’ll find your prey.” Click. The buildings turns hollow, like the inside of a honeycomb and It can now make out stairs and pathways. Click. Red lines spread through the hollow buildings. “What you’re looking at now, is the paths you can take in order to reach-” Click. “This.” A room appear on the screen. “Did you get all that?” “My memory is perfect Master.” “Well isn’t that fucking peachy. So to reiterate- you arrive at the school early-” she holds up one finger”- hide yourself-” she raises a second finger”- and when you get the message-” a third finger is extended”- you appear in that room and kill that ….” She stops. “…that monster. Now questions?”



After some hesitation, It poses the question It’s curiosity aroused during the Master’s presentation. “What, if I may ask, did that man do to thee?” The Master does something to the screen and it flips back to the frozen form of the red-haired youth with a angelic smile. She stares at the screen for a long moment before finally responding.


“He raped me.”

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4 comments on “Fallowfell – Chapter 13
  1. Thaumaturgical_Support says:

    Hmmm, well that all puts a new spin on the master! Now I’m trying to guess who she is.

    > It does so. A text appears; Hello.

    Modern technology doesn’t disappoint you can send Elder Fuþark runes via SMS https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rune&hl=en. Not sure that’s quite the right runic alphabet, but it’s close and there are probably other apps.

    However, you still might want to address the language barrier. Let your readers know if master is doing that and the magic of fiction is translating for all of us or if the magic of magic is translating for the revenant.

    Ok, I’m back. But you didn’t even know I was gone did you? I just checked chapter 5 to see if you said anything about language. It still looks like you didn’t. BUT you did have the master give the revenant cloths so he shouldn’t be discarding old rags unless he’s a *really* restless sleeper.

    Al of this commentary should not be taken to mean I don’t like the story. I do, I just hope a little feedback will be useful. I know, I always like to hear what people are thinking.

  2. Sebastian says:

    The feedback is very useful, and no need to worry, I’ve got thick skin. Also on a personal note I think that there is nothing worse than to write in obscurity; I’d rather that someone comments, than not.
    They both speak Swedish, rendered in English of course, except the ‘revenant’ whose identity will be revealed in the next chapter by the way, speaks an older dialect.

    Kinda like an American pronouncing ‘lieutenant’ as ‘lefthenant’, like they used to do when a young General by the name of Washington strode the earth.
    I am bit conflicted about the speech. I think it was Lucie who suggested that he speak very little or nothing at all- an idea which I like. The whole I-Loom-Therefore-I-Am routine could be intimidating, if done properly. Question is though if I can pull it off. When he speaks, I try to use a thee, or thou, or the kind of grammatical constructs that are very proper, or antiquated. What do you think?

  3. Eren Reverie says:

    Typo report:
    She is is short -> extra ‘is’
    I thought It was given clothes in the awakening chapter, but here it is wearing rags that It has been adorned with for ages – I think one of the two chapters might need adjusted. (I distinctly remember the Master saying It couldn’t run about naked in the awakening chapter, so there’s some sort of disconnect there.)

    Very cool chapter, and I definitely like the supplemental non-Rune POV chapters. It helps with world building, and giving the villains motivations always makes a story more engaging. (Assuming the Master is indeed a villainess, of course. 😉 )

  4. Sebastian says:

    Changed the typo. And what a glaring error in continuity, ugh, which I have now fixed. It’s one thing to have a mere typo, and another to screw up the story like that.
    It was given clothes– I just forgot.
    The non-Rune chapters, of which they are some, are meant to give the world another layer, because really, Rune is…. somewhat limited in his scope of what he perceives, and understands.
    I added ‘Her’ perspective to the story, because I always feel like the villain, and she is the villain, should be allowed to explain his or hers actions.

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