Birth of a Hero

Name of Web-Serial: Birth of a Hero
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250 words
Action, Superhero, Drama
Graphic Elements: Language, violence, imagery, some sexual situations
Brief Summary or Premise:

Nathan Laurent, scion and black sheep of Port City’s ruling family, entered a downward spiral of self-destructive behavior after the death of his best friend.

Having cause to believe his friend’s death was a result of his refusal to join with a local mob Family, Nathan became plagued with survivor’s guilt.

In trying to distract himself, Nathan started dating a young socialite, Renee Morgan, a newcomer to his club.

Two weeks into their budding relationship, Nathan took her to an after hours party. On the way home, their car was t-boned by a semi after Nathan drunkenly drove through a red light.

Renee died instantly.

Nathan lay in a coma for nearly 3 weeks before his father contracted the mysterious Prometheus to use his genetic engineering techniques to save Nathan after all conventional options failed.

Prometheus injected the dying Nathan with a serum that altered his genetic structure, vastly enhancing his metabolism and his body’s self-healing ability.

Prometheus, being a bit sadistic and psychotic, took the opportunity presented to experiment as well; using the serum to fuse Nathan’s DNA with feline DNA, the results endowing Nathan with enhanced senses, agility, and strength.

Upon learning that he survived when Renee had not, Nathan fell even further into the gaping maw of guilt and depression. The desperate measures taken to save him irrevocably changed him, compounding his emotional problems.

Driven to movement by the restless energy of his new body, Nathan wandered the night, lost in his struggle to control the beast within  him, and searching to find the desire to. He is unaware and uncaring of the dangers on the crime ridden streets of the city.

A chance scream in the night galvanized Nathan into action.

What transpired would change his life forever.

(Watch here, prologue goes live on 12/14/15)

Prologue: Floating - part one

Darren lives in Tacoma, Washington with his lovely wife and two large dogs. Aside from writing, Darren enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, reading, and drowning in nearly all things 'super' heroic. Writing comes from his love of role playing games, an addiction first started back in the early 80's.

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  1. Richard Smith says:

    Nice. Looking forward to this. Here, have some research on cat vision. It couldn’t hurt.

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