What is Starter Serials?

Starter Serials is a site for writers who are interested in doing web-serials (stories that are released in scheduled increments) but have never done one before. Here, we strive to make the process for beginning a web-serial as simple as possible. No setting up a website, paying hosting fees, or trying to figure things out without any guidance. All an author needs to do to start is Submit, and we’ll walk them through the process from there.

More than just ease of use, Starter Serials is about learning what it takes to run a web-serial. This is a place where one can learn what posting schedule works with their amount of writing time, and how long their posts can reasonably be. This is a place where mistakes will be made. Schedules will change, posts will be missed, and some serials may even be abandoned. And here, all of that is okay. This is the learning ground, the place to make those mistakes and learn those lessons before undertaking a website of your own.

Along with grounds to write in, Starter Serials will also feature writers who have successfully run web-serials of their own as Mentors. From posting in the forums, to writing articles about hurdles they faced, to even doing sessions where they answer questions directly, Mentors will be a constant presence at Starter Serials, sharing their own mistakes and lessons in hopes of helping others avoid them.

So pick a serial to read, or Submit to start writing your own, and enjoy.

Starter Serials: New Authors, Great Stories.