You Are Ruled By Criminals

Name of Web-Serial: You Are Ruled By Criminals
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Genres: Science Fiction, Superhero, College
Graphic Elements: Moderate Sex, Moderate Violence, and Moderate Language


It is the year 12 of the Universal Era (UE). Human society has just begun
to settle into a state of normality after the collapse of the previous
world order. This is due to the appearance of manifesters, humans that
begin to exhibit abilities that defy the previous laws of reality. The
United States (who’s influence has been diminished greatly) has created the
Academy system to help protect manifesters, as well as train them to become
future heroes.

Four young people enter the world of the Academy with tensions beginning to
rise between manifesters and normal humans. As the world begins to spiral
back into chaos, these students must avoid the machinations of both their
own government and “The First”, the mysterious group of manifesters who
began the process that redefined the world 17 years ago.

You are Ruled by Criminals - Chapter 1
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