Software Story- Chapter 1: Aliza’s Escepade


I passed a group of young freshmen. Giggling, smiling, oblivious to the world that’s around them. Oh, sorry, ninth grade IS the entire world. I forgot. I walked down the halls of Bais Bina, humming to myself, half thinking of my family, left in Chicago, so, so far away. Omigosh, I almost just fell!. That’s me, always day dreaming and

– “oops!!! I am so so sorry!!!!!!” I exclaimed, as I bumped into an older girl causing all her books to scatter on the worn, faded red carpet. I helped her pick them up quickly.

“That’s okay” She says, as she stand up and takes her books from me. She smiles at me sweetly.
“I’m going to my dorm now, do you want to come?”

WOW I was being asked to go to the older dorm!!! That’s where all the older girls are!

“Uh..ya!” I stammered. She turned and beckoned for me to follow her.

I gave the older girl a small smile and I began dreaming of all the possibilities that could come from the chancely meeting.
 ‘Omigosh, maybe I’ll make an older friend, and she’ll be like those girls in stories, that give you advice, and are all smart and everything…’ My fantasy easily took me away. Dreaming so hard, I barely noticed where we were going. She walked fast and I worked hard to catch up to her. I shook my head, freeing me from my wild imagination that takes on a life of it’s own. I twirled one my golden locks nervously as I rushed to keep up. My bag banged against my legs as a managed to keep pace with her.

Walking next to her, I kept looking at her, and she would look back and smile, as we swiftly went outside, to the older dorms building, down and up stairs, through hallways, to get to her dorm. I began to study her, she seemed like a girl brimming with confidence like she knew exactly where she was going. I grounded type of girl. Complete opposite of me. I silently wondered to myself how old she could be…

Finally, we stood in front of a door, she opened it, and beckoned me to come inside.
‘This is so crazy awesome!!!!!’.
She walked in and a strode in after her, closing the door behind me. I surveyed her dorm room, neat, nice and empty! Good!i That is the best!

She sat down on a nearby bed and put her books down next to her. She patted the blanket next to her. “Come sit” she said.
Flustered and ecstatic that I was going to make an older friend! Maybe even have a DMC  with her!

“So what’s your name? You seem a little preoccupied”. Well, I sat down, I told her my name, and promptly explained to her that I’m always a lot preoccupied, and no worries, I’ve been fine till now. Well…most of the time. There was the time where I ran right into a class door with the shovel for gardening and the whole thing shattered. Then I had to go to the hospital…that was pretty crazy.

She smiled at me with her perfect white teeth and casually flipped back her hair in this way that she looked so much prettier and smarter. But I’m also smart, well, that’s what they tell me….

I studied her, she had these long eyelashes, and dark skin. It made her seem so alien. So different. You don’t see ,mamy people that look like her in England. Well, besides the Israeli boarders. Maybe she was from Israel. I made a mental note to ask her some time.

“So…do you want some lays?” She asked after we had spoken for a little while. We shared the bag….or so I thought…

After a good five minutes or so of talking, I noticed she wasn’t taking.  When I confronted her on it, she sighed.
“I’m not really hungry, plus I’m on a diet. You do know how much you gain in high school/”
Forgetting about that, I continued talking. I told her about myself, and we spoke a lot. After telling her about all my tests, dorm problems, etc. I looked at her expectantly.

She cleared her throat, and winked at me.“Well, my friends call me Estie, so I guess you can too.”
I smiled! This was so exciting!
She continued “You seem really sweet…I’d like to get to know you better”
I nodded excitedly. “Here’s my cell number, maybe we can hang out sometime.”  She wrote it down on a spare piece of paper, ripped off the corner, and handed it to me. She smiled again, and I nodded.

“You know…I’m actually a little tired.” I said with a yawn, “I wish I could stay longer, but I need some sleep, I guess”.

“I’ll walk you back to your dorm” We got up and left the room.
‘Funny, I hadn’t felt this tired before.’ My brain hadn’t run this slow in like…forever.

We passed the peeling paint and yellow lights of the hallway, and made our way before the Elevator. Taking the elevator would bring us to the first floor, where we could exit the building and go to the main building.

There was a large group of girls waiting for the elevator, their talking and chattering made my head want to explode. There was another girl waiting for the elevator nervously. She was pale and looked awfully frightened. I was too tired to wonder why, I just knew she gave me the goosebumps. So when the elevator came, the group of girls went with her. Me and my new-found friend waited for the second one.


It was here, my legs felt like lead, suddenly Estie pushed me into the elevator forcefully. Everything was swirling around me, I tried to remind myself who I was, where I come from. The last thing that I thought/said was”I feel super tired” when I blacked out.

ST smiled as her prey fell sideways, her head falling on ST’s lap. The girl barely felt the point of the needle as she injected IT in her arm.


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