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Jewish, Mystery, Cults, Seminary, Future, Software,

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The Software:5 girls.
5 stories.
And they all come together in a place called Bais Binah.
But how safe IS Bais Binah?
Why is Galit all Glitz and Glamour?
Why is Shevy so secretive and angry?
Where is Aliza?
What happened to Meira to make her the person she is now?
And will she even be the old Meira again?
What demons are pursuing Shalva’s soul?

Going from the U.S.A, to Canada. From France, and England to Israel.
The lives of 5 girls are unraveling, how will they come together and unite?
Who is the villain here? And is she really a villain? Will Kira and Gitty learn to live with each other? Will Yitzchak ever go on a
date with Atara?
Full of suspense and imagination.
Exactly what IS the software?
And what can it do to you?

Software Story- Chapter 1: Aliza's Escepade

Orthodox Jewish High school girl who LOVES to write!

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