Software Story-Chapter 3: Shevy’s surprise


I just LOVE waking up early in the morning, just as the sun comes up. What a beautiful sight, every morning Hashem makes the sun come up and gives us the present of it’s wonderful sunlight!!!! I got up as usual, at 5 am. Ya, I know, so not typical teenager. Well I hope I’m not typical, typical is so boring! Surprisingly I found the twins were already up, SHOCKER!!!!

“Rivky, Ita, Why are you awake!!! We don’t need to be at davening for another 3 hours!!!!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, we have something planned..” said Ita dangerously.

“Oh no, I hope your little annoying prank hasn’t been on me!!! One more and I’ll call the dorm counselor!!!” I said jokingly.

I knew they would never do something on me, sharing a room with these two had given me a lot of blackmailing room if need be.

“Don’t worry Shevs” said Rivky. “This one is on someone super special…our dorm counselor!”

Ita and Rivky barely managed to suppress their laughter.

“Well, I had NOTHING to do with this and this conversation never happened, got it? By the way, you two should be quiet, you might wake up our two other monsters.” I said in a whisper.I shook my ponytail loose out of my dark born, long silky hair.

We all looked toward the bunk bed at the side of our dorm room, where one big lump on the top of the bunk slept soundly and the other…..was empty.

“Where is Aliza?” Asked Ita, quite surprised.

“No idea, it’s so not like her to have a DMC this early….” I sighed. “Off I am to find her!” With that, I grabbed some clothes and went off to change in the bathroom.

When I had returned, Rivky and Ita were already lost in their evil plans to do who knows what with our dorm counselor. Known for the mischievous pranks, those two never let up for a minute for their prey to get it together…

I sighed, one day those two were really going to get it!

I sat on my bed thinking, as I pulled up my socks.
Wait….she didn’t come back last night. to go to sleep here at all! Maybe she selpt by her sister. Or maybe I was sleeping….who knows?

I slipped into my shoes, got up, and made my way out quietly. I didn’t want to wake Shalva, who looked so peaceful in her nice bed. I believe it’s a crime to wake up a normal teenager at this hour….well personally, I don’t mind, but everyone ELSE I know says it’s a rule we are all sworn to, I don’t remember swearing to that.

I had gotten to the lodgy. Well, that’s what they called it, a lodge, and lobby-lodgy.

Who in heavens name would even know what any of those words meant, I have no idea. But to be understood, one must speak like everyone else.

I was standing on the old faded carpet in middle of the room when in rushed in, who? But the very person who I was looking for!!!

“SHEVS!!!!!!!!! You gotta help me!!!” Aliza cried. Tears were running down her face. Her beautiful blond mass of curls was in….well, I don’t think that shape had a name.

“What happened???? Is everything Okay?!?!” I exclaimed.

“I….don’t….know….she…..” and with that, my best friend fainted before my eyes.

By the time she woke up it was noon. She found herself on a couch in the main room of the main building. Everyone had gone, seen, and left. Girls were walking around in groups or pairs. The only girls still there as she opened her eyes was faithful Shevy, Shalva and two redhead girls named Ita and Rivky.



“Omigosh are you okay?” asked Ita staring down at Aliza’s pale face.

“What in the world happened?” nudged Rivky.

“Why don’t the two of you get her something to drink and eat” I suggested.

Next to me Shalva was yawning. Suddenly one of our teachers- Mrs. Rabinowitz appeared.
“We don’t need so many girls around! If a girl isn’t feeling well, she should go up to her room with one friend, is that clear?”

“Perfectly” said Shalva. “I guess, I’ll get going” She said as she redid her ponytail.

“No! That’s so unfair!” I said. “Why should you go?” 

“Fair or unfair, if I don’t show up for Dinim again, I’m chopped liver!” She said.

Ita, Rivky, and Shalva left.

“Are you okay?” I looked at Aliza.

She was silent, her pale face had started to regain it’s color. She laid on the old couch, still.

“I..don’t know” She whispered

Suddenly, with a force I never would’ve guessed she had, she stood up. She was still a little wobbly, but managed to stay standing upright.

“We can’t stay here, they’ll find me, Shevs” She whispered, looking back and forth, making sure no one was looking at us. She stared around the room. girls were chattering, going to classes, talking in groups. In Bais Binah, different grade had different schedules, so most of the time there was girls in the hallways.

“So…where do you want to go?” I asked.

“I don’t know, not here! We need a quiet place” She started walking toward the hallway off the lodgy. “Maybe…” she trailed off as she began walking quickly.
I quickly caught up and kept in step as we walked.

“Here!” We sat down on a bench outside the library at the far end of the hallway. It was closed until someone could figure out what exactly was in there that smelled so bad…no one would be nearby. The nearest door on the left lead to the auditorium, which of course was locked. Rumor was that the stuff for G.O. breakout were being kept there, and it was strictly under lock and key.

Anyone else, we could see coming down the hall.

“Okay, we’re alone, so spill!” I said as I shook her.

She told me, about Estie, waking up in the laundry room, the girl with the black eagle eyes, and the setup.

“You’re serious??? C’mon, you just fell for Ita and Rivky’s recent prank, that’s all.” I said laughing.
I glanced at her. Nope, she was completely serious. My laughter was burst immediately. I stared at her, trying to make out if she was joking or for real.

Suddenly, the door to the auditorium flew open, and a girl stumbled out. I looked at her with disdain, well, who but an airhead could look at Galit with anything more than that?

Galit was boarding, here in England from Israel. She was israeli, rich, tall, skinny, dark, with gorgeous long, silky black hair and long eyelashes. She had tens of admirers that hung onto every word she said. In Bais Bina, if Galit did something, than it was not just okay, it was the coolest thing you could of done. It was like a rule in the takanon.

I turned to Aliza to see her reaction to our interruption. I thought she would roll her eyes, or ignore her. Seriously, what type of girl, who lives for everyone else’s eyes, needs an extra pair to look at her? But Aliza did not do any of those things. Surprisingly, she dragged me down the hallway, through the lodgy, and outside to the nice cool air without a word. She dragged me by my arm, running as fast as she could with me trailing behind.

“Hello, any explanation?” I asked breathlessly after we had gotten outside. We stood by the edge of the grounds where our grass meets the nearby forest.

“She..was..listening, through..the door” She said huffing. Aliza was looking all around suspiciously.

“Well, that’s not surprising, she needs the scoop on everything, I wonder how she snuck in the auditorium to get a peek at the activity before it starts…” I wondered.

Aliza shook me..

“That’s not the point!!! You don’t understand, do you?” She said pacing back in forth on the lush green grass.
“So what are you trying to say?” I asked curiously.

“That now Galit KNOWS everything!!!!!” She looked around fearfully.

“I don’t know who is part of them and who aren’t….everything before, it was a set-up…but for what…I just don’t know. It all has to do with the software.” She said, drifting off.

“C’mon, Galit is too busy with her admirers to be a part of this, and what are you talking about!?! You never mentioned anything about computers…” I said confused

‘I lost myself in this fantasy‘ I realized. ‘All what happened is that she hit her head, and dreamt this whole long thing…but then why had she fainted?

“You can’t let anyone know about this.” Aliza looked around fearfully. Then she pushed up her sleeve on her right arm and showed it to me.

Shevy was shocked, she looked around, to make sure Galit hadn’t followed them, or anyone was nearby. When she had turned back, Aliza had disappeared. Shevy had no doubt now, they had taken Aliza once, they had got her again.

And if they had known where they were now, they must know that Shevy knew about them. And if Shevy knew about them, Shevy was now a threat. She was next.


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