Software Store-Chapter 2: Aliza’s Escape


My eyes opened slowly. My head still felt funny, and I was sure feeling dizzy too. I slowly got up from the cold floor. Where was I??? I looked around.I heard the hum and whirl of machines going. It seemed I was in the laundry room of Bais Bina. I was surrounded by machines and the peeling pink paint. I was on the top floor of the main building. I took some steps, unsteadily. I searched the room, no one was here. I looked behind the machines, and by the counters. Dead.

I didn’t understand, what had happened?? Why was I here? Who had brought me here? And why???

All I remembered was Estie. Estie- who had pushed me into the….OMIGOSH. How could I have been such a complete stupid head??? It was all a setup. The pale, nervous, weird girl, Estie, bumping into me….But why???

Well, whoever was in charge of this can’t know I realized this…then I would be dangerous, being able to recognize Estie if need be for the police or something.

Suddenly, I felt someone else’s presence in the room. It was like my body suddenly knew, knew that I wasn’t alone. Nor was I safe. I swiftly turned around and found myself face to face with a girl. A girl with sharp black eagle eyes, and black hair. She was pale too. The same girl from the Elevator. And she was dressed in a Bais Bina uniform.

“How are you feeling?” She demanded coldly.

“Great, considering the fact that I blacked out in the elevator, fainted, and I lost my friend…Estie, by the way have you seen her by any chance?” I asked. “She’s about yay high” I said putting my hand up to about Estie’s height.

“Enough” The girl interrupted my forcefully. If the girl was surprised, or thought I was really a 9th grade air head in the clouds, she didn’t show it. She just smiled nastily and said “You friend is alright, but I’m not so sure about you.”

I was getting sweaty. suddenly I just knew I had to get out of here fast. My body was screaming “FEAR! RUN! FEAR! RUN!” I don’t know what this person, or people had in mind for me, but it couldn’t be good. I glanced around, trying to figure out where an escape route would lie. I wanted to run, but I felt like I was stuck, super glued to the floor from pure fear. I looked out the window, the sun was just coming up causing a beautiful clash of colors to light up through the window. All the colors forming and spilling together to make a outstanding sunrise. Pity I couldn’t of watched it.

OMIGOSH! It was sunrise? I was shocked. I had met Estie around noon time, and that must of been yesterday…

For all I know it could’ve been a week ago!!! Who knows what these people had done to me!

“Look, it was nice meeting you, but, I uh need to get going.” I said nervously. I was still sweating like crazy. I started walking backwards, taking slow steps. Then I made a run for the elevator. I ran speeding past all the machines, clothes, and who knows what else. I got to the elevator and promptly began jamming the down button as hard as I could, wishing the elevator would come already.

“Running won’t get you anywhere” The black eyed girl sighed. She began walking toward me slowly. “Just come with us quietly” she tried coaxed me. “It will be okay, you won’t even feel anything.” She smiled sweetly, and was advancing quicker. She talked in this slow monotone voice that sounded actually hypnotizing.

I pressed the button over and over again. I was extremely frustrated, Why couldn’t the school have faster elevators?

“No, I’m fine, really, trust me, maybe I’ll see you around or something..I just want to find my friend” I blubbered.

Nu!! I need to get out of here! What in the world does the freaky girl want to do with me? Oh Hashem! Save me!!!

I jammed the button again, with more force. As if that would make the elevator come any quicker.

“Come with us” She said quietly, and softly. It sounded so sweet, so fake, so superficial. “You won’t regret it” She stared at me serenely. But I knew it was one big lie, she just wanted me for something. It was all shdus! She was getting closer and closer.

I tried the button again, but to no avail.

This was it, the last moment. Either I got out or I didn’t. She was only a few feet away when….the elevator came!!!! I barely squeezed myself in. I slammed my finger on the ‘close door’ button. Hopefully, with Hashem on my side, the door would close before she made it close enough to keep it open. It did. The last thing I heard when the doors closed was. “You are making a huge mistake.”

That’s it, I was alone, away from her, I pressed the 1 button forcefully. I fell to the ground of the elevator, exhausted. My breathing was slowing down, but my feelings weren’t. I broke down crying. I knew this wasn’t exactly the place for a mental breakdown…but too bad!

“HASHEM!!!!! Save me! Please have mercy on your daughter!!!!” I yelled as loud as I could…..

I laid on the the floor, sobbing my poor heart out and crying.

Oh, Baruch Hashem I’ll be safe…I’ll be safe. Don’t worry Aliza, Hashem- G-d is with you, he’ll keep you safe, perfectly safe. No need to worry.

These thoughts broke into my head, and suddenly it dawned on me that everything was going to be alright. G-d had just saved me from the hands of this crazy girl…and the other one-Estie. I felt a little better, but I was still crying as I got up to exit the elevator.

When the doors closed, the girl with the black eyes smiled to herself, the girl thought she could get away….oh how naive she was….


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