Chapter 5: Galit dissapears


Omigosh, I need to warn Galit, no way will she realize this on her own!’ was my first thought. Where had Galit gone? At least a quarter of an hour has passed since our conversation, and I needed her NOW!!! I had no idea how fast these people worked…or who was first on their hit list…

I asked around the Lodgy, had ANYONE seen Galit? A older girl sitting on one of the couches informed me she had seen the crowd going outside. I thanked her for her help and ran toward the glass double doors. I was full of adrenaline, but at the same time I was super nervous, especially how Galit would react….

I felt the cool breeze on me as I passed through the doorway, and I began to search the grounds. Starting from the the entrance area with its vast area of benches, grass, and a pond, heading around the main building to the back. We have huge grounds, but I finally spotted the group near the edge of the grounds. Right where the green grass meets wood and trees, and somewhere inside is a fence separating our woods and the nearby park’s. I ran up to the group expecting to find Galit the center of attention, as usual. But she wasn’t there.

5 minutes earlier:


I walked outside confidently, surrounded by girls.

“Galit​, ​In Israel, do you really have donkeys and chickens for pets?”​ asked a​ brunette who is usually by my side.

“Of course, some of my neighbors did, but we, chas veshalom would never have any of THAT near our 3 story house” I replied.

“Omigosh, your shoes are adorable!!! Are they new? Where are they from?” A tall girl shriek​ed.

Suddenly the whole group focused on my shoes.

“I love those sequins, a perfect final touch” said another

“That color is JUST divine! I am totally choosing that color gown for Shloimy’s bar mitzvah!!!!” said a nearby girl.

“They are from Chanel, it’s a designer store in Paris on Avenue Montaigne.” I replied.

“You were in Paris?” asked the tall girl.

“Omigosh that is super cool!!!!!!” Said a girl who just joined in

I leaned on the stone wall nearby, sinking it all in. All these girls, all listening and obsessed with me…just me and no one else! Wow, these girls really did  hang on to my every word.
“We go to Paris every summer since my grandparents live there, and we usually bring home loads of suitcases full of clothing and shoes.” I explained, as I brought my dark hair back to the front.

“I know that store!” a girl with golden curls suddenly said.

Wait….that…that girl, she looked so familiar, I knew her, but from where?

“Oh yeah?” I asked weakly.

“Yeah, I got my shirt there!” She unzipped her jacket and all eyes looked toward her.

Everyone oohed and ahhed. They all gazed at her, eyes wide and affixed on  her shirt. Suddenly, I wasn’t there anymore.

I was surrounded by bushes and trees and… her. I wasn’t on school ground anymore…Nope, I was in the forest.

It’s the girl Aliza saw, and now I was seeing her…, wait, who is me? My head throbbed, and I felt a sharp pain​ in my arm.

“Have a good sleep.” said the girl nastily…
It hit me just as I dropped off. The golden haired girl must be….


“Hi!” I said breathlessly as I reached the group. “Where is Galit?”

“I don’t think she was feeling well” said a golden haired girl.​ I looked closely at the girl, she looked…familiar, I couldn’t put my finger on it though…
.”I think she went home to rest.” She continued.
“You mean to her dorm?” I asked surprised.
“Probably she went to her cousins” piped up a nearby burnette. She seemed mighty too cheerful and bubbly to even understand the significance or what she was saying.
“Her cousins?” I asked curiously peering at her.
“Ya, she has cousins who live somewhere in the city, they speak hebrew, so Galit got special permission to live with them, guess she feels more comfortable in her native tongue.” She said chirpily..
The golden haired girl glared at this intruder into our conversation. She looked at her annoyed.

“Well, in any case, don’t worry about her, really. It’s none of your concern and there’s nothing you can do.” said the golden haired girl

My face turned white. This girl…must be working with….them. I didn’t know how, why, what. I didn’t know anything. I just knew that she wasn’t safe. I needed to get somewhere safe, and fast. They had somehow gotten Galit, and they couldn’t get me….or else, who would be able to stop them? Not that little me could do much, but I had friends who definetly could!

Shevy ran off toward her dorm, she was scared, scared.

Ellen smiled to herself, she had done her nation a big favor, she had helped get them another jewish girl.

The prophecy was coming true, with the leader’s blessing and their secret weapon that was rumored about, nothing would stop them.

She needed to ask ST what her next task was…..


As I drove up to my house, I was extremely worried. what would my parents say? I thought about it the entire way home, but I found I had no idea how they would react to the situation at hand! When I had reached the driveway, I figured that it’s in Hashem’s hands, and nothing is my fault anyway. I got out, locked the car, and started up the stone pathway to the door. I silently punched in the code and let myself in.

As the door creaked open I saw Kira, Ta, Ma, and Nosson talking on the couch in whispers, close together. Noticing me enter, Ma jumped up immediately.

“Yitzchak, what happened?! It’s….it’s…only 10!” Ma asked shocked as she followed me in and closed the door behind me.

“Ooohhh, he got too embarrassed and ran off, didn’t he? Just like on Kira’s first date with-”

Kira covered Nosson’s mouth with her hand stopping him before he made Kira’s face go any redder than it already was.
You, should be in bed” Kira said as she dragged Nosson upstairs. At least Kira wouldn’t be privy to everything yet, I sighed in relief.

“Ma, she never showed up, I waited for an hour…she just never came!” I explained. I wring my hands up and sat down on the couch. Ta sat next to me quietly while Ma paced the living room floor. I wasn’t sure to be happy or sad…I mean, I had never even met this girl, Atara. I had been so nervous, so high strung about having my first date. In the end? There was no first date. I had never imagined such things happened. I had been so nervous and a complete wreck for…nothing!.

“WHAT?” Ma shrieked when she heard the last thing I said.

“I’ll call the shadchan” said Ta, with a deep sigh, getting up to fetch the phone.

“How could she just NOT show up! What type of messed up thing is this, I never want to use this shadchan again…” Ma completely freaked out.

“Ma, you are just upset, don’t worry, it’s a good shadchan, she set up Kira, and look where she is now! She’s on the verge of getting engaged!” I said, trying to comfort her.

“I suppose you are right…” Ma slipped into an armchair. I went to bring her a tea and some advil. She sighed deeply. Ta came back with the phone in his hand.

“I’m back!’ Kira said as she slid down the banister. She ended with her landing on her feet with her hands in the air.

“Kira, are you going to do this is your own housewhen the time comes?” asked Ma sighing.

“All the time!” She said and she laughed. I had to laugh along, soon enough we were joined by Ma, Ta, and even Nosson who apparently could hear everything perfectly from upstairs. It broke the horrible thick air I was detesting so much.

Suddenly my phone rang, it was Yisroel, my chavrusa and best friend. He had news, and not just any news, amazing news!
“I’m ENGAGED!” He screamed. Yitzchak, you must come over! The l’chaim is going on right now. I expect to see you in no less than a half an hour!” He said. I screamed and managed to say “Okay!” and hung up. I was so happy! Yisroel is engaged!

Great! Now I could let Ta and Ma deal with the shadchan in peace and Kira won’t pester me!!!!

“Ta, can I go to Yisroel’s L’chaim?” I asked.
A quarter of an hour later, I was at Yisroel’s door, walking in.

Yisroel ran over and greeted me happily, he dragged me over to the side and pointed out his kallah. She was talking to a bunch of friend’s in the corner, giggling in her newfound status of kallah maidel. ‘That is going to be Kira soon, B”H’ I thought to myself….

Compared to my house, this was calm. I was so happy for Yisroel!!! There was tons of people there since Yisroel is the second to youngest. Most of his siblings came with spouses, and children in tow. The children were on a high and running around while all the adults talked with each other. Meanwhile us yeshiva bochurs were really having a party. Nearby were all the teenage girls talking and doing whatever stuff girls find so fun, including Yisroel’s little sister Gitty. (Well technically she wasn’t little, being nineteen years old)

Everyone was relaxed, happy, and calm…except for Yisroel’s father. He kept varying from whispering with his wife and into the phone, he looked very worried…

I only found out why later that night, as I helped Yisroel clean up. Galit- Yisroel’s  cousin was missing. She hadn’t answered her phone and her boarding school had no idea where she was.

Yisroel’s father was calling the police. His mother was screaming at the school.

The both looked worried and stressed, what should they tell Galit’s parents back in Israel!?


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