Chapter 4: Confrontation and Shidduchim


“Maaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Where is my tie?!?” I yelled frantically down the circular marble staircase. “I can’t find it!!!!!!! how can I go on a shidduch date without my tie!”

“It’s right here” said Kira waving it back and forth playfully in front of my face. She dangled it over the banister, high above the floor below.

“Give that to me” I said snatching it.

She laughed. Her laugh had a ring to it that made everyone want to laugh along- infectious Ma claimed.  Usually I was the first one to start laughing along, but I wasn’t in the mood at the moment.
“Maaaaaa, Kira is bothering me!!!!! She knows what it’s like to go on a date, especially a FIRST date!” I yelled.

“Wow, someone is moody” said Kira scowling behind me. Even when she scowled she looked nice, well not exactly nice. More like a combination of evil and pretty.

“Oh, and what are YOU like before a date?” I taunted back as I swiftly knotted my tie over my new, white pressed shirt.

“Ma, my hair won’t stay, Ma I ran out of my favorite blush!!!! I can’t wear the other shade!!! It will look horrible!” I imitated her mockingly..

“Well, just tell me her name, okay?” Persisted Kira. “Please?” She stood, arms folded across from me.

“If you stop bothering me” I sighed as I rolled my eyes.

She imitated me. “Ya, Whatever…NU!”

“Her name is Atara…Atara Weiss” I said. It had a nice ring to it. Atara Weiss…maybe she would be Atara Gold soon..maybe. Maybe this is the right one. I stood there dreaming about it happily.

Suddenly Kira grabbed my hat off my head. I should’ve known better.

“If you ruin that…” I started. She slid down the banister giggling..” If you keep dreaming you’ll miss your date!” She shouted behind her. I was scared to ruin my suit so I ran down the stairs two at a time.

I had reached the bottom. “Yakira leah and Yitzchak Menachem, calm down. Kira, give him back his hat” said Ma authoritatively. Kira did so. “Yitzchak Menachem, go wash your face, you need to leave in 5 minutes.”

Standing by the door, 5 minutes later, Ma fixed my hat, played with my tie, and I barely managed to get out the door in time.

I ran out, slamming the front door behind me. I opened up the car door, went inside, then closed it behind me. I thrust the keys into the keyhole and began to drive.  Wow, this was so relaxing! It was actually quiet here! I thought to myself

Half an hour later I was in a lobby of the Shirley Hotel. I sat down to wait, meanwhile I people watched all the other dates going on. Girls dressed in their Shabbos best, boys in their suits, jackets and hats. I noticed another girl waiting nervously, nearby. She was pale with black hair and sharp black eagle eyes and looked awfully frightened. I went over to her,
“Are you Atara?” I asked.

She turned even paler, and shook her head.

I waited for an entire hour.

Atara never showed up.


I was still outside rooted to the spot. Then I realized that I needed to get out of the area ASAP. I ran as fast as I could to the main building and entered the lodgy. I went over to the cooler and took a nice drink of water. What to do now?

I then noticed Galit, at the end of the hallway off the lodgy. The hallway that I had been in with Aliza only ten or so minutes earlier. Galit was trying to lock up the auditorium, while trying to  be as invisible as possible. Right…because if she was found sneaking keys from places she’d get in major trouble!

Wait a second! Galit knew! She overheard, no? Then she gets the automatic position of being my accomplice. She just had to help me!

I rushed over to her and dragged her into the auditorium before she managed to lock it up. This would have to be quick, I knew how much trouble we’d both be in if we were caught.

“Galit, you know everything, you HAVE to help me!!! We need to somehow stop this, no one else knows!!!” I said turning to her after I closed the door behind us.

“Look, I have no idea what you are talking about, stop touching me” She said, hotly. “I don’t know who you are, and why you think you are cool enough to speak to me, but you aren’t.” Galit looked at me like I was a tiny bug to inspect before flicking away. She flipped her perfect hair back.

“Very funny, I know you people, I know your games, this is a matter of life and death, can’t you help?” I begged her. I clasped my hands together as I pleaded.

“Okay, you are really starting to creep me out, Okay? Like, I have no idea what you want from me.” She looked at me sweetly as she batted her eyelashes. She looked so innocent. I hated when these type of people did that face. C’mon, seriously? Get a life!

This is why I hated popular girls, they were all superficial unless you knew how to get into them.Did I mention I knew how?

I pinned Galit up against the wall. “Galit, this is one of my best friends,ALIZA!!!! You have to help! Don’t pretend, I know the act, I used to do it too, admit it, why won’t you help me?!? I said, tears started rushing to my eyes, and I let her go.

She walked around me and made me turn around to face her, my back now against the cool wall. I could tell she was debating on what to say. Suddenly she burst out.

“I’m just scared…okay?” Her face was red. She then pushed me up against the wall forcefully. “And if you tell anyone, I ever said such a thing….” she drifted off. I got it her point. I’d be dead. It was a silent sentence, not said out loud, but there was no need to either.

“So, like what were you talking about?” She asked sweetly after letting me go.

We left and locked up. I never got the chance to ask her where she got the keys from (even though this was nothing compared to the worries I now had now.In minutes Galit was surrounded by her fans.

Shevy looked around…what should she do now? Galit was no help at all…and they would soon be after her too…wait, if they would come after her, wouldn’t they come after Galit too???


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