Sol #1


Shipscourt #1

date 397.11.158

“Quickly!”  roared Admiral Thron, “Steady the ship, prepare to lift her back into orbit.”  The Admiral briskly paced up and down the bridge, looking over the shoulders of his crew at the various screens that lit up with endless symbols and instruments.

“Admiral, they just disabled the Scaranvara!   Containment breach!”  the frightened young helmsman yelled as his hands scurried about on the panel in front him.

The ship vibrated as shockwaves from the explosion reached the hull.  “Steady yourself lieutenant!”  snapped the Admiral as he starred at the large curved view screen in front of him, perplexed more than anything.  “Commander, check with engineering, I want answers dammit!  How are they doing this?  Destroying four of Alterra’s greatest combat ships in a matter of hours.”

“Yes Sir!” Yelled the Admiral’s second in command, “The rescue fleet is almost in the Sol System, I can’t get a solid reading as for their exact distance out.  We are having difficulty with the readings as the sensors are  barely penetrating the dense atmosphere of the moon.”

“Rescue?  How’d we get here?”  The Admiral now speaking softly, sounding defeated.

Another volley of antimatter warheads slammed against the Maelstroma, the force shields became pliable and the titanium alloys that held her keel together twisted and moaned, the echoes swarmed the halls like a plague.  The Admiral temporarily lost his balance, he gripped the railing that ran across the midsection of the bridge.  “Fire the biphasic cannons!  Sink them into the green poison they hide in!”

“Yes sir, firing all banks.” yelled back one of the lieutenant commanders at the weapons station.  At once, the Maelstroma’s twelve cannon banks lit up with bright yellow beams that slammed into the enemy ship and igniting the sea around it in a flame that was extinguished just as fast as it was created as it gasped for oxygen that was not there.  The enemy vessel collapsed into itself at the stern and sank into the cold liquids just as quickly as the fires that failed to engulf it had vanished.

The Admiral grinned very slightly as he saw the last shards of metal from the poorly built ship go down into moon’s liquid surface.  The Maelstroma continued to rise into the atmosphere hoping to reach orbit quickly and leave this forsaken system.  Like a flash of lightning, three more Sol ships came down from orbit into the lower atmosphere and like the thunder that follows, warheads met the Admiral’s ship with a vengeance.

“Deploy the auxiliary power reserves to shielding!”  roared the Admiral as stations erupted with fire and exhaust from the plasma conduits.  The Maelstroma’s hull groaned with exhaustion and frailty, as the Admiral ordered more weapons fire on the enemy ships.  The canons dutifully lit up with a shaken groan and the beams hit the Sol ship directly in front.  The Sol ship fractured and it’s shrapnel cut through the grey metal until it’s own engines burst from its momentum and caused it to fall from the skies.

“Admiral,” started a skittish young helmsman “they’re casting a green sensor at our forward communications array!  Exactly like the Scaranvara reported before the Sol ships took her down.”

The Maelstroma’s instruments that were once so orderly and obedient began to flicker, the large viewing screen that held a window to space itself began to warp. Its picture changed erratically, and without warning a large humming noise that used to fill the background ceased.  The silence was louder than the humming ever was.  The shields were down.

“Get those shields back up immediately!  We will not be defeated by these space rodents!” the Admiral screamed in a voice that his crew rarely heard, a subtle anxiety encroached upon the bridge crew.

The Maelstroma breached the upper atmosphere and thrusted into lower orbit.  The communicators came to life and a most welcome voice bounced off the bridge walls.  “Maelstroma.   Maelstroma.  This is the Vancorva.   Do you need assistance Thronn?”

The Admiral looked relieved, if not also irritated by the situation.  “Admiral Thronn of the Maelstroma here, our shields are down and enemy vessels are going to breach the upper atmosphere any second now.  We must turn back and regroup, these Solans are going to take more work than I thought.”
A voice sounded from the walls again, “Copy that Maelstroma, we’ll follow you out of the system.  Vancorva out.”   As the ships moved out towards the edge of Sol, the ships never rose from the moon or tried to intercept.

“Admiral, our shields are functioning again.”  spoke the helmsman with a confused tone that also imitated a gleeful one.

The Admiral turned to the view screen, “Those meddling humans of Sol.  I’ll obliterate them back into the methane seas of Titan with the rest of their ships before they’ll every think about claiming victory.”

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