Growing Super: Chapter 9

“Jack!” His mom’s scream ripped him awake. “What the heck did you do to my lawn?!?”

Jack rolled over and found himself looking at the bottom of his workbench. Still groggy from sleep, he tried to figure out what his mom was talking about. He went up the stairs as fast as a half asleep person could walk to see what she was talking about. The back door was open, and the breeze blew her hair all around her face, making her seem even more intimidating than normal. Her hands were on her hips, and she was glaring angrily at Jack.

“What happened to it?” He yawned, flinching when she grabbed his arm and dragged him out the door.

That,” She gestured to the trench gouged in the lawn, covering at least fifteen feet. “Is what happened to it.”

What had happened last night came rushing back all of a sudden. The suit, the flight and then the crash. Jack groaned and dragged his hands across his face.

“I crashed last night after a test flight.”

“And what will you do about it?” She looked at him pointedly.

Jack gulped. “I – I’ll clean this up.”

“By the end of the day, I expect it to be finished,” She called over her shoulder as she stepped back inside.

Jack sighed and looked at the piles of dirt hanging around the edges of the trench. The shovel was already out and he set about moving all of the dirt back into its proper place. It was tiring work, but after a few minutes he got into a rhythm.






As he worked, Jack started thinking of ways he could make this job easier with an invention. Even a toy sized dump truck would probably be more efficient than him. A repulser gun could shoot the dirt back into the trench it came out of. Many other ideas came to him during the hour that he spent working, and he soon found that there wasn’t any more hole to fill in. Jack walked inside and filled a glass with lemonade.

Drink in hand, he sought out his mom and found her sitting in the rocking chair on the front porch, reading a book in the cool shade.

“I’m going out to get some ice cream,” He told her, finishing off his lemonade.

“Are you going to put another hole in the lawn?”

He shook his head, reaching inside to put his cup on the dining room table.

“See you later, then,” She said, returning to her book.

Jack jumped off the stairs and started flying under his own power for the first time in a while. Flying like this might be slower, he thought, but it certainly is more exhilarating. He stayed relatively low to the ground, and traveled to the store, I Scream. On his way there, a couple of pedestrians saw him and waved up at him, shouting things he couldn’t make out. He waved back to them, and flew into the store’s parking lot.

Landing with his own power was a lot easier than with his suit, and he barely had to try to stop himself. The parking lot was empty of people, and Jack was thankful for that. Having people ask about his powers would have gotten awkward fast. Walking around to the back, he found a small line of people at the server’s window, and a group of people at the picnic area.

The line moved quickly, and soon Jack was walking over to the picnic tables. He took one overlooking the pond, and started on his ice cream cone. The water lilies moving gently with the wind, the fish hiding underneath the pond’s surface and the ducks waddling along its edge captivated him, pulling him away from reality until the only thing that existed was the pond. Its peaceful beauty enthralled him so much he didn’t notice the people standing behind him until one slapped his cone out of his hand.

“Jack Hall,” Their leader sneered his name. “Son of two of the most famous supers and what can he do? Nothing.”

The boy was familiar, and Jack could almost remember his name. He’d singled Jack out in the paintball war, attacking him cruelly and mercilessly. As far as he knew, the kid was just a tank, but he was one of the stronger ones. In class he’d always bragged about how he could lift nearly twenty tons. Lucas – that’s what his name was – yanked Jack out of his daydream with a shove that put him on the ground.

He landed face first in the grass and hauled himself up immediately, spitting some dirt out of his mouth. Jack glared at him as he brushed himself off.

“What do you want, Lucas?”

Jack cringed inwardly at how angry he sounded. He didn’t want to start a fight, especially since he would have absolutely no chance of winning one with him.

“Oh, I only wanted to have a little fun with you,” He said, an innocent smile plastered on his face. “We could go swimming – well, you’d go swimming – but it’d still be fun! For us, that is.”

He reached out for Jack too quickly for him to react and grabbed him by the chest, lifting him high in the air. Without moving towards the pond at all, Lucas threw him up in the air so that he’d land in the center of the pond. Jack barely had time to start flying before he hit the water, and he shot straight up as fast as he could, his chest heaving as he calmed himself.

“Bullies,” Jack shook his head sarcastically when he’d caught his breath. “Gotta love them.”

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    You skip from chapter 7 to chapter 9, and there’s only one line for chapter 9 . . .

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    Ahh, shit I forgot to schedule. Crap.

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