Growing Super: Chapter 5

“So, what are you guys making?” Mech asked, his voice distorted by the speakers on his suit. He peered over Jack’s shoulder at the mess of metal.

“I’m making some electroshock gloves for Max,” Jack said, not looking up from his work. He was trying to control his power a bit more this time, and it was working so far.

When he had first started building the gloves, he built the framework first, and then the casing. He had to make sure that the gloves would work just like a hand, and that they would collapse on whoever’s hand was in it so that they would fit like, well, a glove.

The next part was more delicate, because he had to insert homemade kinetic batteries into each glove, and carefully hook the super conductive knuckle-pads up to it without getting electrocuted.

The second Jack said that they were done, Max slid his hands into them and grinned wickedly.

“I think that these will fit into my villain costume quite nicely.” He paused, and his costume flickered to life around him. Cackling loudly, he continued. “All I need is the world bowing at my feet and the image will be complete.”

“Wiggle your fingers, or move your hands at all and the gloves will charge up. It doesn’t take much, so if you just crack your fingers menacingly they’ll charge.” Jack told him, eager to see if they’d work.

Max did so, and small sparks could be seen leaping from knuckle to knuckle when he was done. Jack jumped in surprise when he turned around and punched a wall without warning. Arcs of electricity traveled on the wall away from the point of impact, stopping when they got to more than a foot away from it.

“Damn! That’s awesome!” Max yelled, looking at his gloves.

Mech stared at the gloves, looking as curious a suit of armor can look. Then he turned to Jack, and rested an arm on his shoulder.

“This is your second creation?” He asked, and Jack could imagine the quizzical expression on his face.

“Yeah, I built a helmet last night. It had a visor on it, and the visor had a light amplifier to a degree, and it could zoom in on objects,” Jack explained. “This whole technopath thing, I think I’m getting the hang of it.”

“It’s easy to get.” Mech said. “It’s just a two-step process: build whatever you want and use it.”

Jack nodded. “I also think that it’s a lot more fun than other powers.”

“Definitely!” Max yelled from across the room. “You can basically replicate every power out there!”

“Anyway, I’ll see you next class,” Mech said, walking out of the workshop.

“Okay.” Then to Max, “Hey, do you want to come over to my house later to see the helmet?”

“Yeah, I think I can. I don’t have anything else to do,” He nodded. “These gloves are amazing!”

“They should be. I made them,” Jack deadpanned, walking out of the workshop. “I’ll see you later.”


“So, Max, how are you liking school.” Jack’s dad asked from across the dinner table.

Max swallowed the mouthful of spaghetti he had and answered, “The classes are easy enough. I’m on the villain track”- Jack’s dad beamed at that -” and it’s really fun.”

“I’m a villain, so if you ever need any advice, you can ask me.”

“I will,” Max nodded thoughtfully. “Which villain are you?”

“Demon,” Jack’s dad grinned.

“That’s cool. Hero and villain as your parents? Coolest thing ever,” he told Jack. He looked down at his now empty plate sadly and put his fork down. “Can I see your helmet now?”

“Yeah. We’re going to my workshop,” Jack told his dad, getting up from the table.

Leading the way, Jack hurried down the stairs to his workshop. Upon entering the room he relaxed, the tools and parts calming him. Laying on the table was the helmet, which Max picked up immediately. He turned it over in his hands, admiring what Jack had built before putting it on.

“How do you turn this thing on?” Max’s voice was muffled by the helmet. “I can barely see anything!”

“Umm…” Jack thought about when he had used the helmet. He hadn’t needed to turn anything on, but it still worked. A portion of the helmet appeared in his mind, with the word “power” and an arrow pointing to a button. “Underneath the jaw line. Right here,” He pushed the button and the visor lit up slightly with internal light before fading.

“Dude! If you make a suit just as good as this helmet you’ll be unstoppable!”

“Yeah, but it would need to be portable to be effective.” He thought for a second as images of possible designs flashed through his mind. “I could make it fold into a shirt.” That was the design that caught his eye the most. It was thin and sleek, and when it folded up onto his chest, it was only a little thicker than a sweater. But he would need to make a special alloy for it, and for that he needed a smelter? He didn’t know what to call it, but the idea in his head was sound.

“… so can I have this helmet?” Jack returned to the real world just in time to catch the end of what Max was saying.

“What? Oh, yeah, take it. My suit will have its own,” He nodded as he said it.

The doorbell sounded and Max sighed, trudging towards the stairs. “That’s my mom. I guess I’ll see you monday.”

Jack followed him up the stairs, and found himself heading to the back door. Through one of the windows he glimpsed a plane not unlike the school’s resting in his back yard. He must live pretty far away, Jack thought, if he needs a plane to get there.

He headed back down to his workshop once the jet left. If he even wanted to think about building the suit he was going to need that smelter.

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3 comments on “Growing Super: Chapter 5
  1. DeNarr says:

    Huh, so Jack wants to be a hero, but he is suiting up a villain with high tech gadgets 😛

    • growingsuper says:

      Jack is doing both Max and himself favors. Max gets cool toys, and Jack can promote his products for future buisness. And they’re both going to be the actual good guys, regardless of their public label.

  2. Tucson Jerry says:

    A true technopath would be a neutral, but I guess Jack can act as a hero and work under the table for amusement purposes.

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