Growing Super: Chapter 26

“I thought you said that hardly anything happened!” Jack pointed his finger at Harold accusingly.

“And hardly anything happened,” He shrugged. “We started falling, I woke up from my nap and adjusted the remaining generators. A quick thirty second fix, tops.”

“Thirty seconds is a long time to fall.”

“Well, they can consider it a… survival test, in preperation of a real world disaster,” He turned back to the anti-gravity generator he was working on. “As long as no one was seriously hurt, I’ll still consider it as hardly anything happening.”

And to think that this man saved the school, Jack thought, shaking his head in disbelief. “What’ll I be doing today?”

“Umm… same as yesterday, I suppose. Except you’ll be doing it by yourself.”

Harold turned around and handed him a tool box. “You can go work over there,” He nodded at an empty work table.

Jack dragged a stool over to the table and stole a packet of the blueprints from a neighboring table. Sitting down, he opened it up, trying to find where he could start building. Before he could flip through more than a couple of pages, a light flashed and the papers turned to ash in his hands.

“Hey!” He yelled in surprise, looking around to see what caused the burst of light, and found Harold leaning against the generator, holding a laser gun. “What’d you do that for?”

“No cheating,” Harold told him, and blew away imaginary smoke from his gun.

“Then how am I supposed to build your generator?” Jack protested.

Harold didn’t answer; he just tapped the side of his head and turned back to his work.

“Okay, then,” He muttered, turning his attention back to the work station. “Using my powers it is.”

Jack tried to recall how the generators worked, but failed. All he could come up with was that it canceled out gravity, but that didn’t seem like the right idea to him. Unfortunately, it was the only thing he had to work with, so he went with it.

His power started up with what Jack understood to be the main component of his machine, showing him only the one piece. Jack tried to push his power to show him the rest of the machine, but it refused, always returning to the main component. Frustrated, he decided to turn his power on the component itself instead of the larger picture. When his power complied, it was a relief. The component appeared in his minds-eye, a small object at first, but it enlarged to give him a better view. Looking at it with his power, he knew how it would work. It would spin, generating a field in which gravity is completely nullified inside of. The faster it spins, the bigger the field becomes, so a motor that could spin it extremely fast would be needed. Inspiration struck and Jack could see what he was going to build as his power kicked in for the rest of the machine.

It would work mostly off of fields – magnetic fields, electromagnetic fields and gravitational fields. Two induction motors would be needed to spin the first component, one on top and one on the bottom. The component would be held magnetically aloft inbetween the motors by two magnets. Since the component wouldn’t be able to have any wires attached, a case that could convert electromagnetic radiation into electricity would be outfitted on the component to power it. It would feed off of the radiation thrown off by the motors and an external source.

All of this information came to Jack in an instant, temporarily ripping his mind away from the outside world and only focusing on the information flowing in. When he returned to a normal state of mind, he started working feverishly on the generator. The main component was built first, taking close to an hour despite its minute size. This was mostly because of the degree of accuracy he needed to use to build it. So many tiny things crammed into one space, and if they didn’t all fit perfectly, it didn’t work. The case came next, taking the least amount of time of any of the parts. He built both motors with his power simultaneously, the wires weaving through the hoops at blinding speed. He was working on the external electromagnetic radiation provider when Harold’s voice shocked him back to the real world.

“Time to go,” Harold clapped his hands twice. “Chop, chop! C’mon, I haven’t got all day!”

Jack placed all of his thing in a box to the side and stood up, letting out a yawn as he did so.

“Almost done with it,” He grinned lazily.

“Good,” Harold replied gruffly. “Then you can test it tomorrow.”

He put his hands on Jack’s shoulders and steered him not-so-gently towards the door. “But right now, you’re leaving.”

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    So haven’t seen any updates in a while. Everything still going ok?

    • growingsuper says:

      Yeah, I just got caught up in work. The work load increased, and all of my creative abilities went to work. It sucks, but I’ll probably miss a bunch of my next posts. But I’ll have one this saturday

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