Growing Super: Chapter 23

The security guard waved his hand and they were lifted into the air. With a gesture of the guards hand, Jack was moved impossibly far into the shadows of the corridor. A chill swept over him as he was moved further into the shadows. A pinpoint of light emerged in front of him, which quickly grew bigger as he was rushed towards it, and details such as furniture could be observed through it. With a “pop”, they were thrown into the room that the light depicted. Both Jack and Max struggled to stay upright as the exited the shadows, feeling as if they were shoved from behind, but they both fell to the ground. Anya managed to stay on her feet, only stumbling slightly as she exited.

Jack scrambled to his feet and looked around at the room he stood in. It was an office of sorts, with a large wooden desk across from the door, a large leather chair behind that, and some paintings lining the walls.

“We’re in the dean’s office,” Anya said curiously, looking around the office.

“Well, I’m not staying here to get in trouble,” Max ran for the door, only to get thrown back by a shadow. He slid across the floor until he hit his head on the desk the desk and came to a stop.

“What the heck?” Max rubbed his head.

“Apparently the security guard is a shadow manipulator as well as a shadow traveler,” Anya told him, looking worried.

“Which means… what?” Max asked.

“It means that we can’t get out by normal means,” Anya turned towards Jack. “Is your portal gun charged?”

He pulled it out of his pocket and looked at it. “No, it needs to connect to a power source to charge now. We completely drained it of all of its power.”

Anya swore. “Well, we’re in trouble now.”

“Yes,” A new voice answered. “Yes, you are.”

The Dean stood in the doorway for a second, looking at the each of them angrily before striding over to her desk. She sunk into her chair and rested her fingers on the bridge of her nose.

“Do you know,” She spoke quietly, her voice trembling with anger. “How much trouble you caused on your little ‘excursion’?””

Jack lowered his gaze and shook his head when she looked expectantly at them.

“No?” The Dean gave them a grim smile. “Think of your portal gun as a finger poking a hole in the universe when ever you use it, and the atmospheric containment field surrounding the school as a bubble. When you activated it to leave today, you quite literally burst our bubble. It wrecked havoc on the school grounds, the high speed winds blowing several bushes right off of the edge before we could put the ACF back up. Three of the anti-grav generators broke off completely, and five more were damaged. We were only lucky enough to have adjusted the ACF for portal transport by the time you returned, otherwise it would have happened all over again.

“As for the punishments you three will receive, Anya and Max will help clean up the school grounds, while Jack gets to help rebuild all of the machines he destroyed.”

“That’s it?” Jack blurted out incredulously. “That’s all we have to do?”

“Believe me,” Dean Auburn said, a ghost of a smile forming on her face. “It’s a lot harder than it sounds.” Her gaze flicked to the clock on the wall before returning to them. “And since school is about to be over, I think that I can start you three on your detentions. Pitch, can you bring them to their respective detention areas, please?”

“Of course, Dean Auburn.” The guards voice came from all sides, low and gravelly. A yelp of fear got cut off as Max and Anya were taken away. The way things were going, Jack was feeling like letting one out, too. “It is-”

The floor dropped out from underneath Jack and nothing was visible once again. Except this time, his friends weren’t with him, leaving him too scared to even scream. The blackness swirled around his head faster and faster before shooting him out at the feet of a burly man in coveralls and greasy goggles.

“So you’re the one that wrecked my machines?”

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  1. Tucson Jerry says:

    Can’t wait to see how mom comes unglued. Dad is probably going to love this.

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