Growing Super: Chapter 21

It was Anya that spoke first.

“No,” She told the villain, her voice firm. “You’re going down.”

He just threw his head back and laughed.

“You?” He wheezed. “You couldn’t stop me if I was rolling up a hill, let alone beat me in  battle.”

Jack turned to Max, rubbing his new stubble covered chin as he spoke.

“You know, I really don’t think this will be all that hard if we work together,” He mused thoughtfully.

“Yeah, Cloak doesn’t look all that tough to me,” Max cracked his neck, keeping his eyes one Cloaked Dagger the whole time.


“It what I’ve been calling him in my head,” Max explained. “Cloaked dagger is a mouthful.”

Jack saw something move out of the corner of his eye, in the shadows of the street. He looked, but nothing was there. Shrugging it off as a figment of his imagination, he turned back to Cloak. The villain stepped backwards into the shadows, and simply disappeared.

“He can teleport,” Anya observed.

A small tendril of blackness wrapped around her ankle and yanked her up into the air.

“Shadows!” Jack realized. “He can control shadows!”

“So stay in the light,” Max finished. “But they don’t seemed confined to the shadows.”

“Guys!” Anya yelled from above, where the shadow was holding her captive. “Focus on the bomb, not Cloaked Dagger! Jacks fast enough to get it, and Max can keep him safe while he finds it.”

“Cool,” Jack answered nervously. Then, to Max, “Now where is the bomb?”

“Underneath that statue,” Max pointed to a statue in the center of a rotary.

Jack just stared at it. A thirty foot tall statue of a superhero of the past, it was both intimidating and inspiring. Something tickled his feet and he took off running, already knowing what it was. It stretched with him as he ran, but as he neared the statue, a loud *pop* sounded and the tendril dissipated.

Risking a glance behind him, he saw Cloak floating out of the ground. He gathered a group of shadows and used them to chase after Jack, their spindly legs scrambling forward much like a spider’s would. Max jumped in front of Cloak, preventing him from reaching Jack.

Jack turned away from the scene and went after the bomb. It didn’t take long to find it, as it rested between the statues feet. It was the size of a water bottle, with a small timer on it, slowly counting down to zero. A few wires stuck out, and he stared at them. Which one should he pull? The question echoed in his head, swirling round and round. Taking a chance, he grabbed one of the red wires and yanked it out.

The timer froze, giving Jack hope that he managed to pick the right one, and the timer dropped from the frightening three minutes to the terrifying two, and it was dropping at an accelerated rate.

“C’mon, think Jack, think!” He growled at himself.

Jack tried to get his power to work on the bomb, to figure out how to defuse it, but it wouldn’t work. He picked it up and stared at the wires, hoping that inspiration would strike and tell him how to save the day, but all that was accomplished was letting precious time slip by.

One minute.

Jack stared at the bomb through tears eyes, wishing he could just make the bomb disappear.

“That’s it!” Jack yelled. All he had to do was get it away from the city. Speeding through the streets, he made it to the ocean and carried it until he couldn’t see the city anymore, and then threw it as hard as he could into the air. Turning around, he rushed back towards the city, and away from the explosion.

When the bomb did explode, the force of it shoved Jack into the water, the speed at which he was going at made him skip across the surface before slipping under.

When he made it back to the city, his friends were watching Cloaked Dagger fly away and shout meaningless threats at them.

“I’m glad that’s over,” Max groaned. “My whole body hurts from that fight.”

“Agreed,” Anya nodded. “We shall exit this game soon.”

Shortly after she said “soon”, Jack’s vision turned black as his mind exited the NeurImmersion game.

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    The kids are about to discover reality has been working while they were away.

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