Growing Super: Chapter 19

At first, all that Jack could see was blackness, but it slowly faded away to reveal a room lined with posters of heroes. He took a step towards the posters only to stop when a voice sounded from all around him.

“Welcome to Super Countdown! Choose a hero of you choice by stepping through the poster.”

The voice faded away just as quickly as it came, leaving Jack alone with the many posters. Walking up to them, he found that there were heroes of every type; flyers, tanks, blasters, and even some techies were all hanging on the wall. A speedster stood out to him, and he reached out tentatively to touch the poster, only to find his hand to go through it. Taking a deep breath, he put his foot up and through the poster, with the rest of his body following.

Jack found himself in another room, this one completely empty save for a woman in a cape.

“Jack?” He heard Anya ask. “Is that you?”

“Yep.” He looked around, trying to see where Anya was, but as far as he could see, the only other person in there with him was the caped woman. “Where are you?”

“I’m right here,” She sounded amused. “Just turn around.”

Jack turned around and found himself looking at the caped woman again, who waved at him. “Where?”

The woman answered this time. “Right here.”

It was Anya’s voice that came out of the woman’s mouth, and Jack almost jumped out of his skin when he realized that the woman was Anya.

“How are you doing that?” Jack exclaimed.

“Doing what?” Anya asked, looking confused.

“You look like someone else!”

“Yeah, well, so do you.”

Jack looked down at himself and found that he was in some tight silvery blue costume, and that the ground seemed much further away than before.

“How -” Jack started to ask, but figured it out. The NeurImmersion must be making him see Anya and himself as different people. “Who are we?”

“I’m Jetstream, an aerokinetic. And I think you’re…” She looked at him, apparently deep in thought. “Comet, perhaps?”

He looked at his costume and could see silver shooting stars running along it sporadically. “Yeah, probably. He’s a speedster, and so is the guy I chose.”

“Hey guys,” Max said from off to the side.

Jack turned and found Brawler looking back at him. Brawler was a huge hero, standing at almost seven feet tall, and about half as wide. He was a tank – one of the strongest – with almost impenetrable skin and a need to say something with every punch.

A new voice spoke, taking his attention off of Max as he listened.

“So you are the heroes that think you can stop me,” The voice mused the voice, and an image of a cloaked figure flickered into view on the wall. “Good luck trying to stop the bomb I’ve planted in this city; you’ve only got fifteen minutes.”

His figure vanished and the wall it was on lifted, revealing a city crawling with panicked citizens and laughing villains.

“How do we find this bomb?” Max wondered aloud.

Anya shrugged. “I haven’t played this game in a few years, but I think the game leads us to it.”

A voice spoke in Jack’s ear, coming from an earpiece he knew he didn’t have before. “This city is being terrorized by villains! Take them all down and find Vesuvius. He should know where the bomb is.”

“Guys, did you get that?” Jack asked, turning to his friends.

“Yeah, we got to find this Vesuvius guy,” Max answered, rubbing his new earpiece. “But we gotta knock around some villains first.”

A villain flew down and shot at them, the heat from the plasma blasts singeing his eyebrows as they flew past his face. One of them hit Max and he growled at the burn on his skin.

“I got this, guys,” Max yelled as he jumped at the guy, both fists out for a take down blow. The villain did go down from the hit, but he got back up only to have Max pick him up and throw him, his body quickly becoming a speck in the distance.

Anya flew off towards a water wielding villain trying to attack a woman protecting her child, but Jack didn’t get to see her take him down because a fist hitting his face demanded his attention. It wasn’t a hard punch, but it still hurt. He turned to find a villain backing away from him slowly, an evil smile on her face.

“Now I got your attention,” She grinned and cracked her knuckles, arcs of lightning traveling along her gloves. “I’m going to-”

Jack didn’t let her finish and sped at her, rearing back for a punch. His fist connected, and it felt like he punched an electric wire, his body flying backwards through the air like it was shot from a cannon.

The sad part of NeurImmersion is that you still feel pain, Jack thought bitterly as he started to feel the pain from the burns.

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A rookie writer, so please tell me if you like or dislike it. Anything to help me become a better writer is appreciated.

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3 comments on “Growing Super: Chapter 19
  1. Tucson Jerry says:

    Really cool game. Makes me wish I had one.

    • growingsuper says:

      I’ve had it in my mind for a while now, and I finally got to put it in. It was hard, stopping the scene, but if I continued, it would have gone for a lot more than I wanted it to, just because the game is so much fun to write.

  2. DeNarr says:

    So super heroes are playing as pretend super heroes? Well, at least you’re sticking within the same genre. Makes me wonder if they would use things like that for training though.

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