Growing Super: Chapter 17

The silence stretched uncomfortably long as Jack let it sink in. An apprenticeship? He wasn’t entirely sure what it meant, but he assumed that it had to do with training.

“What would I do?” He asked uncertainly.

“I would teach you how to use your powers better, how your machines work, and the laws abiding our powers.” Mr. Galloway smiled at him. “It is a necessary step in becoming a working super. Every super working for the Council has gone through it.”

“So… I would still be building my things?”

“Yes, just -”

“Then I’m in,” Jack interrupted him. “When do I start?”

“Well, It’ll take some time to get it all set up officially with the Council, but we can start tomorrow,” Mr. Galloway told him, standing up. “You should go back to class now, Jack, while there’s still time.”

He reluctantly got up from his chair and walked towards the hallway, stopping just shy of the door.

“I look forward to working with you, Mr. Galloway,” Jack offered as a goodbye.

And with that, he left.


Jack’s body might have been in the classes, but his mind certainly wasn’t, and several of his teacher called him out on it.

At lunch he told Max about the apprenticeship, and he didn’t look too surprised.

“Like this Mr. Galloway guy said, every super has to do it, so I’ve seen apprenticeships before. In fact, I’m getting one from an Illusionist that’s coming here from Arizona,” Max looked a little smug as he said the last part.

“And all I do is play with my powers around him?”

Max nodded. “They’re just there to teach you the specifics of what you can and can’t do based on your power set.”

Jack chewed thoughtfully for a moment. “So you probably wouldn’t be allowed to, say, use your power to create mass panic?”

He let an evil smile loose. “You obviously don’t understand what being a villain is all about, Jack. We’re supposed to instill fear in the audiences, and rob banks. Mass panic sort of just falls within those categories.”

Jack let out a small laugh at that. “I can see your point, Mr. Villain.” Something bumped against his leg, and Jack looked down to find his portal gun hanging from one of his belt loops. He must have put it there when he was on autopilot this morning. An idea popped into his head. “Speaking of villainy, would you like to ditch right now? Anywhere in the world?”

Max looked suspiciously at him. “Surely you know of the anti-teleportation field, and the barrier keeping us physically in?”

“Yeah, but I don’t think they planned for this,” He responded excitedly, unclipping the portal gun from his belt and placed it on the table. “It opens portals.”

“Might I ask what you two are talking about?” An innocent sounding voice with a crisp, British accent asked from behind Jack.

He turned around to find a short brunnette staring at them through her glasses. She looked familiar, but Jack couldn’t quite place a name to her face. Alyssa? Arianna? It was something that started with an A, but he couldn’t quite remember it.

“We were talking about how the the -” Max tried to answer, but was interrupted abruptly by Jack.

“How the spark plug of a car starts the whole process of starting the engine,” Jack finished, giving Max a glare.

She smiled sweetly at both of them as she answered them. “Silly boys, I know you were talking about leaving school premises.”

“No, we weren’t,” They both protested, almost simultaneously.

“Oh?” One of her eyebrows went up. “Then I suppose you won’t mind me telling a teacher about this… portal gun of yours, and how it could bypass the schools security protocols?”

Jack blanched, fearing what the punishment of leaving school would be if they were caught with it. He tried to grab the portal gun from the table where it lay, but it was already in the girls hands somehow.

“Or… you could just take me with you?” She suggested softly, playing with the portal gun, carefully maneuvered out of the sight of any teachers.

He thought about it for a brief second – so brief it might as well not even count – before he nodded his head. After all, was it really worth losing one of your coolest toys just to refuse a girl a trip?

“Fine,” Jack said. “Give me the portal opener and we’ll go. Just follow me out of the cafe.”

Once they were alone in the hallway, he looked at them.

“Are you ready?” Jack asked.

“Dude, just get on with it already,” Max complained, sounding bored.

“I am prepared,” The girl answered.

“Good. We’ll be going to Australia,” He said, pulling the trigger. The portal opened, and a beach appeared through it.

They both gasped softly in amazement, and looked at Jack in wonder, who just smiled widely in return.

“One at a time, go through,” Jack commanded. “We don’t want anyone to lose any limbs, now do we?”

They both hopped through, leaving Jack the only one on his side. Taking a deep breath, he stepped through the portal, and onto the fine, white powder that covered the beach.

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  1. growingsuper says:

    Sorry about the delay, my computer broke, and I had to fix it before I could post. Again, my apologies and I hope you enjoy this chapter.

  2. Tucson Jerry says:

    Jack’s dad will love the trip. He could possibly think his son is going villain. Mom will be horrified and really, really honked off.

    By the way, know how the computer thing goes. Had to forcibly remove a Trojan Horse from my PC the week before. Not a lot of fun.

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