Growing Super: Chapter 12

“That’s got to suck,” Max winced upon hearing Jacks story.

He shrugged in response. “I suppose so, but it’s only every other class that’ll be with her. What really sucks is that I know that she’ll be on my back about schoolwork all the time.”

Jack had just finished telling Max that his Hero training class was to be taught by two teachers: one being the eccentric Shock, and the other being his mom, Ice Storm. Apparently Shock taught the speaking portion of the class and his mom taught the fighting part. The fighting in it was different from the fighting in Physical Training because it was more about making it seem real than actual fighting.

He turned to his lunch and ate in silence for a bit, thinking about the class. If he ever didn’t understand anything, his mom would be there at home to help him with it. But there was always the embarrassment of having your mom for a teacher. Jacks thoughts were interrupted by a large body dropping into the seat next to him. The table shook slightly from the impact, and the chairs legs bent inward. Jack turned to look at who it was and found himself face to face with Lucas, the bully from before.

“Are we enjoying our lunch, Jack?” Lucas asked sarcastically, taking Jacks metal water bottle and crumpling it up in his hand like a piece of paper. Water flowed out of Lucas’ clenched fingers and dripped onto the floor. Looking at the water bottle in disgust, he tossed it towards the garbage can.

“I was until you sat down,” Jack answered through clenched teeth, looking at his crushed water bottle

“Are you crazy? He could crush you like a bug!” Jack could just barely make out what Max had said through the pounding in his head.

“Yeah?” Lucas looked mildly curious at Jacks response. “How about when you lay down?”

As he said it, his arm swept across the table and knocked Jack in the chest, sending him flying out of his seat and onto the floor. Jack got up angrily and brushed himself off, noticing that the entire lunchroom had gone quiet. He went to slap his suit on only to find that the hit had activated it. Good, he thought. Time to test how strong this suit is.

He glared angrily at Lucas and slapped his chest, sliding the helmet into place. Without a word he activated the thrusters sent himself spiraling towards the large boy. Jack rammed into him at the fastest speed he could get at such a short-range, trying to throw him towards the far wall.

Lucas had managed to throw his hands up, trying to ward off the blow, and now used them to latch onto Jack’s forearms. He dug his feet into the ground and grunted, pushing against Jack’s thrusters.

“You want a fight?” Lucas grunted from the exertion. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

On the last word he pushed harder and sent Jack flying away, where he needed to cut the thrusters to avoid shooting back at Lucas.

Running up to Lucas, Jack grabbed the other boys arm and activated his anti-gravity system. He started to lift, and with a bit of effort, Lucas floated up with his arm.

“What the heck is this?” Lucas yelled, upside down now.

Smiling now, Jack started to swing his arm back down, throwing the large boy towards the ground. Lucas slammed into the found face first and bounced up, where Jack continued the swing to the other side.

“Don’t mess with me again!” Jack yelled, punctuation each word with a slam to the ground. Lucas said nothing in return, only reaching his other arm up to hold onto Jack’s hand. From there he started squeezing, the metal pieces around Jack’s arm not giving at first, but slowly starting to bend inward.

Jack didn’t know what was happening until the words “anti-gravity system stopped: connection lost with part: Right Hand” appeared on his visor and Lucas dropped to the ground for the last time. Then he started feel the pressure of Lucas’ grip through his armor, slight at first but slowly turning painful. He was about to scream for him to stop when a voice yelled out at them, causing Lucas to let go.

An authoritative looking woman was glaring at them “Both of you in my office now!”

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